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Men’s lacrosse uses COVID-19 to their advantage, resulting in an undefeated spring season so far.

Due to the coronavirus, all spring athletic seasons have been majorly impacted. However, KSC men’s lacrosse has turned the disadvantage of having limited games into their favor. Having only a total of seven games this season, two of which have been postponed, the men have managed to win all five of their previous games.

Men’s lacrosse head coach Mark Theriault explained how going into this season, knowing the game limitations due to COVID-19, “being undefeated was actually a goal of ours.” Each athlete contributed greatly in using the new circumstances to their advantage.

Senior midfielder Colin Ford said, “I credit a lot of our success to how great our coaches are.” Elaborating, Ford said Theriault and assistant coach Tom Carmean “are the two most supporting coaches I’ve ever played for.”

Having a strong relationship with his players, Theriault said it feels simplygreat to have accomplished this dream. Both coaches agreed that no individual player would have been able to do this on their own. Theriault said “We were reliant on the whole team.”

Theriault said the 2021 men’s lacrosse team “has a different chemistry than what we”ve seen in the past.” In previous years, there have always been a few stand-out players. However, this season Theriault said, “There are no superstars.”
Theriault went on to explain the necessity for each player to contribute to both offense and defense.

From an inside perspective of the players, Ford said, “Not a single player sees themselves above the rest of the team.” Ford also tells how each of the players have a bond off the field as well as on. Strengthening the team’s bond, Ford said “from the freshman to the seniors, everyone is friends.” The team’s faith in one-another is only one aspect of many that will be seen to help keep these men on the undefeated track.

In order to continue this winning streak, there are specific measures the team continues to take. Ford said the players see these steps and appreciate the effort the coaches put in as they “do an amazing job preparing us every week.”

Theriault and Carmean breakdown the film with their team after each game, analyzing closely what was done well versus what was done poorly. Studying the film several times over also allows the coaches to know what they need to work on in practice. Also contributing to positive impacts on the field, is keeping the team out of trouble off the field. Ford also said another significant factor is that “we are able to play freely without having to worry about one of [the coaches] coming down our throats.” Theriault has a lot of confidence in his athlete’s but shares the secrets on not letting it get to his head.

Not only do Theriault and Carmean have to keep their own heads leveled, they must keep the team in check too. Going into each game, Theriault always reminds his players to “make no assumptions” about the opponents. The team must keep the mindset that each team is substantial, and “out to get us.” Theriault repeats to his players they must “treat every game as a hard game.” Theriault and Carmean also remind their players to take every game as it comes, one at a time. At both practices and games, the coaching duo also reminds their team of the basics and to “follow all the steps we’ve set in place”. By keeping the simple fundamentals in mind, the team plays more tedious, letting up minimal mistakes.

Both the coaches and players are excited to see where the rest of the season takes them, as Ford said, “This season has been an absolute blast.”


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