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A new creative space for women in film has landed on the Keene State College campus.

The Women’s Film Collective, spearheaded by Keene State film students, is starting up this semester. The organization stemmed from a mutually-felt need to create a female-led space for female filmmakers on campus, President of the Women’s Film Collective Meghan Mickela said.

“It came from… wishing we had a space where we could gather with other like-minded women who were feeling [that] they were kind of outside of these film courses, which are largely male-dominated,” Mickela said.

Vice president Ana Carolina Costa added, “We wanted everyone to have the experience of community that comes with shared experience as women in film.”

By creating this new organization, Mickela hopes to offer an additional space for female filmmakers on campus to explore their passions.

Even going beyond the club, Mickela also hopes to help lay the foundation for the careers of a new generation of female creators at Keene State.

“Our main goal is to provide… a safe and engaging place for women in film. We would really like to help them find futures, we’d really like to help them figure out certain routes and kind of just explore,” Mickela said.

Costa hopes that this organization will be a first step on campus toward bringing female filmmakers and movie lovers together.

“Too often, with the small number of women that we have in the film department, we’re spread thin across multiple classes and never really get the chance to get to know each other. Hopefully, this club will serve as a stopping point for us to debrief on our filmmaking journeys as women,” Costa said.

Any female-identifying students who have an interest in film are encouraged to join- regardless if they are in the film program or not.

The Women’s Film Collective meets on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. in the Media Arts Center. For more information and updates on the Women’s Film Collective, visit @ksc_wfc on Instagram.


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