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On Wednesday, March 10, nine faculty members of the music department performed in a concert titled, “Community Kitchen Fundraiser Faculty Recital.”

Composition faculty Heather Gilligan performed a World Premiere, and pieces were also performed from Cuban, Ecuadorian and Peruvian composers.

Dr. John Hart, who performed at the event, explained he was there to do more than perform. ““I chose to perform for the Community Kitchen Fundraiser Recital, first and foremost to support a worthy cause,” Hart explained. Dr. Hart performed the first movement from the Sonata for Trombone and Piano by Eric Ewazen.

Assistant Professor of Orchestra and Strings Paul Grobey also performed at the concert. “I performed the Rhapsody for Violin and Piano by Heather Gilligan,” Grobey said. Grobey also said that he performed at the event to support the Kitchen. “I performed to participate in an exciting new composition, enrich our campus communities musical experience and benefit the wonderful cause of raising funds for the Community Kitchen.”

Jose Lezcano explained that the event was especially important given the current status of the world. “I thought it was a wonderful expression of support for this very important organization that is serving such a critical need in the community during the pandemic,”

Lezcano stated. Lezcano said that the event brought a sense of community to a small-town. “We want to be good neighbors,” Lezcano explained, “and share our talents with this community in a meaningful way.”

Dr. Christina Wright-Ivanova explained that this was more than just a performance, “It’s really a showcase and celebration of several different top level performers,” Dr. Wright-Ivanova explained. Although the reason the faculty performed was for NASM accreditation, all of the proceeds went to the Community Kitchen of Keene.

The cost of the faculty recital was ten-dollars at the door, although Wright-Ivanova stressed that this is not normally the case. “We never usually [charge],” Dr. Wright-Ivanova explained, “we’re doing this deliberately to raise as much money as we can.”


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