After the record deep freeze, fish along the Gulf Coast died due to the cold temperature. Pictured here are dead fish in the Padre Island Canal in Corpus Christi, Texas. Photo courtesy of Mark Benoit


Lydia Mardin
Equinox Staff

Texas and much of the midwest were hit hard last week as a result of a heavy winter storm. While in New England, getting a lot of snow is not necessarily a huge deal, but for places like Texas, this amount of snow is unheard of.

Being one of the most southern locations in the continental United States, the ‘Lone Star State’ usually does not get much snow, if any at all, but having received anywhere between a dusting and a maximum of nine inches of snow, you can imagine the shock and surprise that many Texans have received. Many Texans caught themselves unprepared for the onslaught of the storm of snow leaving many people without jackets, sweatshirts, blankets and other cold-weather necessities.

In addition to the alarming amount of snow and cold weather that Texas has received, Senator Ted Cruz left as soon as the snow started to go to Cancun, a popular tourist destination in Mexico. Being a person who is supposed to be helping Texas and be there to support the well-being of the citizens of that state, many think he did the wrong thing by leaving the area while others are suffering. While Senator Cruz was away, according to a NY Post article, about 23 Texans lost their lives in one of the most brutal winters the state has ever seen. In addition to these deaths, there have been several injuries and many people in the state are left without food, running water and heat. Those who are lucky enough to have space heaters and other amenities are still facing exceedingly large electric bills as a result of these unexpected issues with these unforeseen circumstances.

Personally, I think there are a lot of issues with what is happening in Texas right now. First, there is clearly a force of climate crisis on our hands. While I think this was an issue before, there is no denying it now. For anyone who still denies that the climate change is real, there is literally snow in Texas right now, which is a state that should not have snow in it.

Secondly, I think that Ted Cruz deserves only some of the backlash that he is getting right now. I think as a Senator he has a responsibility to help and protect the people of Texas. but I also think that is important to recognize that if he was seriously affected by the storm it would be harder for him to help those who needed it if he were to die in this winter storm as others have.

I think that, above all, it is important to be prepared. If the coronavirus has taught us anything it is to always expect the unexpected. I think lots of people get caught unaware and think things will never happen to them until they do.

Be sure to stay warm and if you want to help out Texas or any other places that are hurting as a result of the cold weather, it is easy to do so.


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