Sara Juli presents ‘Burnt-Out Wife’

Sara Juli brings comedic dance show to the Redfern

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Tom benoit
arts and entertainment editor

Sara Juli brought her comedy and dance show ‘Burnt-Out Wife’ to the Keene State College’s Redfern Arts Center.

The Redfern Arts Center website says, “Sara Juli’s Burnt-Out Wife takes on topics such as intimacy, loneliness, monogamy, and other marital taboos. Juli employs her comedic text-driven dance style to explore the decay and detritus of marriage with equal parts wit and vulnerability. Taking place in a Pepto-Bismol pink bathroom, this evening length dance-theater-comedy will spark intimate conversations while blowing up the institution with humor, reflection, and a complete re-imagining.”

According to Juli’s biography, Juli has performed for nearly 20 years, and has performed at venues including The Chocolate Factory Theater, Napa Valley Opera House, Connecticut College, and Asheville Masonic Temple. Juli has also toured overseas in Europe and in Oceania.

Jeannie-Marie Brown, the creative director of the Redfern Arts Center discussed the importance of touring shows showing at the Redfern, “The performing arts play an integral role in our collective well-being as a community, the importance includes a safe space to explore alternative perspectives. The importance of offering artistic avenues of engagement through the Redfern Arts series speaks to our resilience as a community in the face of many challenges. We are thrilled to have Sara Juli on campus working with students in classes, doing workshops, and sharing her performance piece, ‘Burnt-Out Wife.’”

‘Burnt-Out Wife’ included technical work from Michelle Mola (production dramaturg) , Pamela Moulton (set designer), Carol Farrel (costume designer), Ryan MacDonald (sound designer), Justin Moriarty (light design/production and stage management), Sorcha Cribben-Merrill (music arranger).


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