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The Eco-Reps and ROCKS are hiring

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Sustainability and recycling organizations in the Keene State College Office of Sustainability look to recruit new employees during the Fall 2020 semester, amid adjusting their work and activities in response to the current pandemic.

On KSC’s campus, the organizations of employees who do work in sustainability and reducing waste include the Ecological Representatives (Eco-Reps) and Recycling On Campus at Keene State (ROCKS). Both have begun seeking new hires to work for their causes.

Caitlin Holden, the Engagement Coordinator of the Eco-Reps, explained the group employs students to help promote sustainability on campus and in the Keene community, encouraging proper recycling and composting practices with their educational events, such as discussion panels and film screenings. The organization will accept work study and non-work study KSC students.

“Due to COVID-19, our work looks a little different this year, but we have been thinking creatively about how to get our message out there while still respecting COVID-19 safety guidelines,” Holden said.

Holden recommends students interested in the Eco-Reps should search for their Facebook and Instagram pages (@KSCEcoReps and @kscecoreps, respectively) to learn more. She also encourages people to pay attention to their activities at the student center during November.

Holden explained how the group needed to cut down on their usual large-scale gatherings because of the ongoing pandemic and has turned their focus towards social media.

“As well, we plan to continue to offer smaller, in-person education opportunities as well as virtual education,” Holden said.

Holden went on to described how the Eco-Reps do not require recruits and workers to have any prior experience if they are interested in the cause.

“To be an Eco-Rep, all we require is a passion for sustainability and an excitement for getting involved!” she said.

“We love to hire students who are hardworking, reliable, good team players and who are enthusiastic about learning new things!”

Matthew Bacon, Recycling Coordinator in the Office of Sustainability, described ROCKS’s work and their responsibility for collecting and processing recyclables on campus, cleaning the dining commons and student center and maintaining composting.

“They pick up all recycling from the Res[idence] Halls, academic and administration buildings,” he said.

He mentioned how their practices have undergone a lot of change because of COVID-19, requiring employees to wear protective jumpsuits, face masks, face shields and extra pairs of gloves while working. Because of the increased need for sanitation to ensure students’ safety, he explained, ROCKS needs to implement a larger full-time staff of people across campus.

“We plan to keep on collecting recycling on campus and pushing Keene State forward to a zero-waste goal!” Bacon said.

He describes ideal recruits as being willing to do a bit of dirty work to get the job done.

“We are sorting through the recycling to make sure loads are clean of contamination before being sent to the transfer station,” Bacon said, describing one of the responsibilities of the group.

He said stated ROCKS would prefer for interested people to have experience working labor, acting as part of a team, and being on their feet often as well as having motivation to work hard.


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