Greek life recruitment week

Recruitment for the Greek community is in full swing

Puja Thapa / Administrative Executive Editor

“The whole idea of recruitment is for people who are thinking about joining a Greek Letter organization to just come out and meet us,” sophomore Chris Stimson, an Alpha Sigma Phi member, said regarding the fraternity recruitment process. “Every fraternity puts on various events during the recruitment season; from bowling to video games and pizza, there’s usually a few different events every week for each organization,” Stimson said. 

This week, brightly-colored signs with Greek letters appeared on Appian Way. This is due to the beginning of the Greek Life recruitment process, which is held the first few weeks of each semester. 

During this process, many potential new members attempt to get into the Greek Letter organization of their choice. Greek Letter organizations will give potential new members a bid to join their organization. 

“It’s a really good way for Potential New Members to see the philanthropies that we are involved in and what we’re about,” said junior Emily Gosselin, a member of Delta Phi Epsilon. 

“There’s an information night and some bonding to just show off how we interact. We want Potential New Members to feel at home,” said Gosselin. “[Potential New Members should] go to every sorority and see where they feel comfortable. It’s a very straightforward process.”

Charlotte Planeta, a sophomore Potential New Member, said of the process, “It’s a good time for Greek Letter organizations to show off which philanthropies they are involved in. It also shows students who aren’t in Greek Life what the Greek Letter organizations do for the community.” 

In regards to actually joining a Greek Letter organization, Stimson said, “There’s a bunch of different reasons one might want to join a fraternity. One of the big things our organizations do is community service; I know that was big for me when I first considered joining.” 

Other than that, Stimson said, “Another big reason is finding purpose in something bigger than one’s self. One of the most important parts of being in a fraternity is the brotherhood and community connection that comes with it.” 

“It’s a really good time. You get a taste of each sorority so you just don’t see one of them. It’s a good time to gauge where you fit in and get to meet new people,” said Planeta. 

“If anyone is thinking about joining Greek Life, feel free to come out to the events! Don’t hesitate to ask us about the philanthropy work we all do and all the different leadership conferences and events we go to,” Stimson said. 

“It’s a good opportunity for Potential New Members to see what we’re about and to see what philanthropy we do and what we’re involved in,” said Gosselin. 

“There’s a recruitment period at the beginning of each semester, too, so if someone wants to join a Greek Letter organization but couldn’t make it out this semester, come on out next time around and meet all the wonderful people that make up our Greek community,” said Stimson. 

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