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Abby Lynn

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Students went wild in excitement as trivia and bingo are starting back up in the Night Owl Cafe. 

The Student Center is home to a colorful campus favorite. The Night Owl Cafe holds on-campus events every Wednesday and Thursday. Students flock to the doors of the Student Center, eager to be first in line. Around 6:45 p.m., students started to line up and, since this was the first bingo night of the semester, the crowds were excited to start 2020 off with some friendly competition. 

Keene State College junior Valerie Mamish has been running bingo for the past four semesters and was very excited about the turnout. Mamish loves to see new faces in the crowd every week. 

“I’m hoping there is a great turn out. My main goal is that everything goes smoothly,” Mamish said. “I’m very excited to see everyone again.” 

KSC student Josh Berthel was a little less optimistic. “I always lose, so I’m not very excited,” Berthel said. Berthel came to bingo with a few of his friends and although he was doubtful he would win, he was still hopeful. 

KSC student Genevieve Josephs was ecstatic for bingo and looking forward to meeting up with her friends. “This is where we all meet up during the week and have fun,” she stated.

Overall, bingo had an amazing turnout. Everyone was excited to see their friends and start the new year with popcorn, drinks, and snow cones. Bingo is every Thursday at 7 p.m., and if you bring a non-perishable food item you get an extra sheet so you can play one more round of bingo before the end of the night.

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