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Equinox Staff

Taqueria Odelay is tucked away within the  Keene strip  at 44 Main Street in an undistinguishable storefront which makes it hard to find.

I drove by it  twice before I actually found it. Odelay has a trendy  vibe to it. The inside is decorated with a  modern industrial decor of brushed steel, concrete, and distressed wooden paneling.  The wood paneling adds warmth and there are colorful chalkboards hung within the restaurant.  Everything was in one room with a total of eight tables and two small bar areas.

Taqueria Odelay is a Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant that offers each dish in three styles of your choice:  a burrito, three tacos, or a rice bowl. The price of the dishes range from $8-$11. They serve lunch and dinner and are open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

I went for lunch and got the three tacos of kogi, which is a Korean beef brisket, Asian slaw, queso fresco, Thai basil salsa verde, guasacaca and pickled vegetables.  This was the best thing I’ve eaten in a few years. I’ve never had Korean BBQ before and thought this was going to be an American style brisket with some Asian spice toppings and guacamole. When I took my first bite I was surprised by the sweet and tenderness of the brisket . The juices of the meat acted as its own dipping sauce . It was that good.

The Thai slaw and pickled vegetables add a crunch to the tacos dish and also brought a tingly feel to my mouth.  I don’t think the guasacaca, which is kind of like guacamole, is needed.  It doesn’t take away from the dish, but it didn’t really add anything either. The brisket, the  Asian slaw, and the Thai basil salsa verde pack enough flavor to stand on their own.

All the ingredients were fresh and well prepared. The plating was colorful and appetizing.  The restaurant had a food-truck like  theme and service. Taqueria Odelay combines a few fresh well-prepared ingredients to create unique, delicious dishes. Taqueria Odelay also has takeout, but if you do that, be prepared to pay for parking.  The restaurant is within walking distance from the campus and I suggest walking there.

Overall, the service was good.  You order your meal at the counter, take a number, and sit down.  When your meal is ready, they bring it to your table.  The service is a cross between sit-down and fast food.  The restaurant was busy when I was there, but my food came out relatively quickly. Overall, lunch took about thirty minutes.

This is the best place I have gone while writing this column.  I never had this style food before, and it surpassed my expectations.  I thought this was going to be a high end Chipolia cooked with Asian five-spice and served in a taco shell.  Obviously, I was wrong about that.  The food was well prepared, well seasoned, and outright delicious.  I highly recommend you go there, have a meal, and tell them to buy a sign to put out front so people can find them.

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