Jack Hanson / Student Life Editor

Jack Hanson

Student Life Editor

For first year students, transitioning to college can be hard when you are not living in your actual home. A huge part of that is sanitation and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but for some students, their bathroom conditions make them uncomfortable.

Both first-years and roommates together in Huntress Hall, Madison Krol and Hannah Call agreed that they are not happy with the cleanliness of the bathrooms and they aren’t getting cleaned enough.

According to Krol, “Sometimes when they don’t clean, there is a lot of clogged toilets and female products that are laid out on the toilets like blood, and it gets on the toilet seat, and its gross because we can’t clean it… And the showers after a couple of days is clogged with hair and it overflows.” Krol went on to add, “One time I found dirty underwear on the ground… sometimes it’s the girls leaving stuff in the shower and they don’t pick it up, and there’s hair on the sides for weeks.”

Call then added, “Downstairs, the shower curtains are ripped and very dirty with dirt all over them. There are no hooks, no room to spread out in the shower or put your clothes, there’s hair all over the wall. The showers are always clogged so it overflows with water and it smells bad… the toilet seats are dirty, no paper towels and no soap.”

“They come every day. Each day they might have a different task that they have to do that day. There’s always cleaners in the building every day,” Mike Godzik said, a resident assistant in The Commons. “Over the weekend they might clean something else. There’s not as many cleaners here over the weekend here. Might only be one or two, but they’ll make sure the trash is taken out and everything.”

Brittney Thompson, a first year living in The Commons, said her problems aren’t with the bathroom but everywhere else, “I honestly think the elevators get gross as f—. People spit in them and we get charged so I am not happy about it. And also the sinks get disgusting when random a– kids dump their soup.” However, Thompson did end by saying, “The more we complain and show people that it bothers, us the better it gets and the cleaners do do a good job.”

If students have any complaints or concerns about the cleanliness of their residence halls, they should contact their resident assistant or resident director for their building.

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