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Annual Solar Fest event returns with organic products and live music


On Saturday, April 21, Keene State College students gathered for the annual Solar Fest event, which promotes sustainability and solar power use.

The event is put together every year by Campus Ecology and KSC’s radio station WKNH. Executive board member of Campus Ecology Sara Olson said the entirety of the event was powered by solar panels rented from a group called Revision Energy. 

In an effort to make the event as sustainable as possible, Olson said they made sure most items were either organic or homemade. “We had homemade dog treats because it’s more sustainable than to buy them, the henna tattoos we did are organic and the t-shirts we give out are made of organic cotton,” Olson said.

Olson said, along with the sustainable items Campus Ecology gave out at the event, there were also vendors who talked about climate change and how to help the environment. 

Colton mccracken / senior photographer

Colton mccracken / senior photographer

Olson said Solar Fest holds a lot of importance on a college campus like KSC. 

“It’s important to get Solar Fest out there to the other kids on campus,” Olson said. “My favorite thing about Solar Fest is that students put in on. It’s a very small group of people who care about the planet and are trying to share their care for the planet with everyone else.”

Olson said Solar Fest gives students an educational opportunity. “Kids that go to Keene State might not know about Campus Ecology, and [Solar Fest] gives people the chance to see there’s a group of kids on campus who care about the planet,” Olson said. 

Olson said she has seen Solar Fest gain more popularity as there has been increased student interest regarding sustainability.

A major part of the annual event is the live bands that perform. WKNH member Coraline Seksinsky said she is the events coordinator and plays a major role in booking bands and distributing information to them. 

“It is important to come together for an idea. We are trying to solidify and become a big presence on campus when it comes to sustainability,” Seksinsky said. 

Seksinsky said one of the big reasons WKNH gets involved with Solar Fest is their advisor, Diana Duffy, is a major advocate for environmental issues, and she reminds WKNH of the importance of caring about the environment.

 “It is important to have the general conscientiousness to the planet and make sure you recycle,”  Seksinsky said. 

One attendee of the event, John Cagno, said he enjoys attending Solar Fest because of the music it provides, as well as how the event helps promote sustainability. 

“There are lots of little things that, when they come together, can help. Knowing it helps the environment definitely helps me want to come,” Cagno said. Cagno added that he attends Solar Fest every year. 

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