As the 2017-2018 academic year comes to a close, student organizations around campus must find ways to recruit students to fill the positions of seniors who will be graduating.  

With that, organizations must find new ways to get the word out to the campus. 

Chair of the Elections Committee for Student Government senior Adam Geddis said there is always the worry that not enough people will want to join and fill positions for Student Government. 

Geddis said Student Government is doing a good job filling many positions that need to be filled this year. 

“It’s always hard to make sure positions are well-run because there is not much tenure in the positions,” Geddis said. Geddis said there are currently people involved in Student Government representing seats from each class. 

Geddis said Student Assembly is “not having much trouble as far as I am aware.” 

Geddis said despite lower enrollment at Keene State College, he hasn’t seen it impact the positions being filled because there is always interest in joining the Student Government because of students who participated in high school and want to continue to be a part of their school’s government. 

Geddis said Student Government spends time tabling in the L.P. Young Student Center as well as advertising with flyers and papers. 

Other on-campus groups,  such as the fraternity Sigma Pi, also spend time recruiting people. 

Senior and member of Sigma Pi Steven Lauture said, “We host events to get people to join… we try to hang out as a group and do stuff such as bowling.” 

Lauture said a big part of the recruiting process takes place during orientation when members of the fraternity talk about the events that they put on. 

“We try to make people feel comfortable and want to be with us,” Lauture said. “Even though we have low numbers this year, the ones we do have are great guys.”

While not recognized as an organization by the college, KSC Eco-Reps is a group who works for the Department of Sustainability and spends time recruiting people by tabling to gain interest, according to member Julia Yates. 

Yates said at the Eco-Reps tabling sessions, they give out pins with environmental statements on them or have an activity related to helping the environment. 

“One way it is usually done is to have current members of Eco-Reps and professors suggest people to join,” Yates said. Yates said this process works well, as there are always a lot of hires per year.

Some groups on campus have not had the same results during attempts to recrui new members. 

A lack of people wanting to join the Humans vs. Zombies club has caused the group to most likely end their annual game, according to the president of the club, Savannah Hobbs, as reported in the April 19, 2018 article in The Equinox entitled, “KSC Live Action Game Comes to an End.”

One student said the reason why she does not join new organizations or continue to partake in organizations she was once a part of is because of her workload. 

Senior Stephanie Gonzalez said, “I was part of both the Multicultural club and the Athena Nursing club [it was] too [large] workload, so I had to stop.” 

Gonzalez said despite ending her time with the clubs, she enjoyed the time she spent being a part of them. 

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