Nursing the program back to health

Why Keene State’s nursing program is facing obstacles

Whether a passion is already being pursued or yet to be found, Keene State College has much to offer in terms of shaping the future of its students. However, like at any institution, hard work and determination will be key factors in propelling that passion toward a degree, as a step is being taken with every class discussion. To better pursue one’s passion, hard work must also be applied outside of the classroom as well.

Whether starting out with no set goal in mind, or others with a degree a few seasons away, it’s important to apply oneself and continue working hard. It’s on no one but ourselves to set our own expectations and standards for our future pursuits.

At the same time, different programs, policies and professors will also have various expectations and standards to be met. In some cases, whether those expectations and standards are met or not can affect one’s college career for better or worse. Across the board in all majors, determination, hard work and self-application will help students rise up to meet each bar set before them.

Regardless of your major, many obstacles will be placed upon your career path, but it’s on you to steer around them and navigate toward your degree with passion, fueling the endeavor that is your college experience.

In terms of obstacles being thrown in the career paths of some, a recent example can be seen in the nursing program here at Keene State. The nursing program has had to make changes in order to remain accredited so the college can offer this as an option for future students to major in.

Graphic by samantha moore / art director

Graphic by samantha moore / art director

One of these changes made was raising the expectations and standards for students involved in the program. As a result, some students were unable to continue. The number of students involved with the nursing program has lowered significantly. There are just 33 that remain enrolled for the senior class of 2017. These seniors, like all other nursing students, are evaluated regularly to ensure expectations and standards are being met.

Recently, those who did not meet the expectations and standards of Keene State’s nursing program were cut from the program. The department’s decision didn’t leave enough time for some students to transfer to a new program or figure out a different plan.

For some nursing students currently facing this problem, it may in part be on them, but the college also has responsibilities to live up to as well. Some may feel the school should have informed them about their decision much sooner. Nonetheless, if passionate about nursing or any other discipline, let no obstacle, even one as troubling as this situation, interfere with pursuing a dream.

Aside from the rough patches recently seen on the road to earning a nursing degree, strides are being taken in the right direction to get things back on a smooth track. It will be interesting to see what newly hired Director of Nursing Dr. Clementine Hinsperger-Rice will do to help better this program.

The beginning of any new endeavor will determine what it will become later on.  This also goes for those starting out with their college careers.

Regardless of one’s major, hard work, self-application and determination will make the many obstacles to be faced much easier to deal with when they arise on the path to a degree.

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