Just because you want to be comfortable in class, doesn’t mean you have to give up your style. Even though the weather may say sunny and 75 doesn’t mean you won’t be needing a light jacket in the air conditioned classrooms.

Ladies, it may get a little brisk on your way to your 8 a.m. class, so throw on a cute quarter zip over a t-shirt with shorts or crop leggings. Victoria’s Secret has quarter zips for $42 and up, leggings and crop leggings can be found at Old Navy for $20-30, and athletic leggings can also be found at Victoria’s Secret for $50.

Guys, if you have an 8 a.m. class, you may want to dress in layers. Just because it’s cool outside in the morning doesn’t mean it won’t be scalding hot by noon.

A casual outfit may include shorts and a t-shirt with a hoodie or quarter zip thrown on top for those chilly morning walks to class.

Vineyard Vines shorts can be purchased for $60, and you can find casual T-shirts at American Eagle for $15.

Depending on your schedule, you may be wondering, I’ve never had a night class, so what do I wear?

For the afternoon or night classes, some girls may want to dress less casual and more fashionable. Cute summer to fall transitional trends are cut off, cuffed or boyfriend jeans.

These types of jeans can be found at American Eagle for $49-59. Boyfriend jeans are at Urban Outfitters for $49-59.

For the daytime or night classes when you guys want to look more stylish, button down shirts are a popular choice. Vineyard Vines has men’s shirts for $90 and up.

First year student Amanda Battista believes that it is important to start out the year by making a good first impression.

tim smith / photo editor

tim smith / photo editor

“First impressions are pretty important. I like to be comfortable though,” Battista said.

Battista argued that her outfits will differ as the year goes on as she gets to know more people. Many students, like Battista, feel better wearing whatever they want once they open up to their new peers.

In a Psychology Today article, Doctor Irene S. Levine said she believes friends can help boost confidence. “Whether it’s acing an exam or getting a promotion at work, our friends take pride in our achievements,” Levine wrote.

“Every friend has some strengths or skills that help us strive to do things a better way,” she wrote. “We see a friend give a talk before a large group and win the favor of the audience and wonder whether we might be able to do the very same thing.”

Our appearance can have the same effect. If one of our friends wears something different than the newest trends, we tend to take notice and wonder if we could pull off the same style.

Girls tend to base their fashion courage on how their friends dress, whereas guys tend to wear whatever they personally want.

Not only do friends help shape our thoughts on our wardrobe, but social media is another “fashion-inspo.”

tim smith / photo editor

tim smith / photo editor

Social media has taken over as one of the top ways to get fashion inspiration.

Author for Social Media Today Alyssa Sellors wrote that the fashion industry is using social media platforms as a way to “interact with consumers” as a way of networking.

“Designers and major players in the fashion industry find inspiration for their designs and creations in many places: from recent vacations, to visits to fashion capitals of the world,” Sellors wrote. “But the internet and social media sites have created an entirely new approach that is getting both praise and criticism from the fashion community.”

Fashion industries look for people that have a high amount of followers. This way fashion designers can reach out to those who have a large audience.

Often times, designers will send Youtubers and popular Instagrammers free clothing pieces to be reviewed on the internet. The more followers, the more reach.

YouTuber Trisha Paytas has over 2.4 million subscribers and often does reviews on clothes, makeup, weight loss supplements and the newest high end hand bags.

Youtuber Carli Bybel has gained enough fashion praise from her fans through her fashion Instagram and YouTube page that she has created her own clothing line that her fans can purchase as well.

Celebrity Kylie Jenner and Olympian Michael Phelps are often seen on Instagram promoting the newest products on the market. Together, they have a combined 76 million followers.

Many girls see Kylie as a fashion and makeup icon. Students tend to see a celebrity wear something more unique before taking the initiative to try it out for themselves. Some people feel more confident rocking an outfit once seen on a popular celebrity.

Senior Thanakorn Thaibandit said he prefers both comfy and stylish outfits.

“It depends on what I feel like doing for that day,” he said.

As for his fashion-inspo, Thaibandit said he looks to professional soccer player, David Beckham. “I’m a t-shirt and jeans with a nice pair of shoes type of person,” he said.

Amanda Braatz can be contacted at abraatz@kscequinox.com.

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