Glow Games light up KSC

Late night event provides radiant entertainment for students

The night was glowing up Thursday, September 17 during Keene State College’s Glow Games. KSC After Hours held this event to promote late-night activities on campus.
The Glow Games took place from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. on the Student Center lawn and inside the Lantern Room. The event was completely free for all students.
This was the third Thursday event held by KSC After Hours, a program that “provides quality alternative social events at KSC” according to their Twitter page, @KSCAfterHours.
Thursday night events are held to offer activities for students other than “going out and making bad decisions,”

Veronica Reeder / Equinox Staff

Veronica Reeder / Equinox Staff

Justin Mahan said.
KSC junior Christina Connor said she heard about the event from friends.
“I would have been sitting in the room doing nothing,” Connor said, “It’s better than getting drunk.”
Props were set up on the lawn and were blocked off by bright yellow caution tape to set the scene of glow-in-the-dark laser tag. Students were given a headband with sensors on them as well as a “laser gun” used to shoot lasers at competitors.
Each player had 15 lives and the game ended when there was only one player left with lives.
Glow-up cotton candy was also a hit that night. Students lined up to receive the sweet treat handed to them on a glowing stick that changed colors.
Inside the Lantern Room, also known as the Flag Room, mini golf was the main event. Students received a golf

club and a glow-in-the-dark ball to try and conquer the course. With the pitch black room, students struggled to complete the course.
“It was hard!” KSC sophomore Kendra Stone said.
Stone said the mini golf event was very competitive but fun nonetheless.
“I heard about the event through friends and flyers on campus,” Stone said.
Stone said the event was definitely a good alternative to going out on a Thursday night.
KSC junior Dayna Sylvester said she attended the event because it seemed fun.
“The advertising was really good,” Sylvester said.
She said she found out about the event through flyers posted around campus.
After Hours coordinator Justin Mahan said the event was held as a way to help students.

Veronica Reeder / Equinox Staff

Veronica Reeder / Equinox Staff

“It’s a way to de-stress and forget about homework,” Mahan said.
Mahan’s job is to get After Hour events onto campus and make sure they run smoothly.
This isn’t the first time KSC has held the glow games and it has always been a success, according to Mahan.
“We had lines out the door!” Mahan said.
Although the outcome was good, Mahan said a lot of students don’t realize these after After Hour events occur. He

said the student involvement organization puts up flyers to spread the word about late-night events.“We post and share on social media in hopes to get the word out,” Mahan said.
The next After Hour event is Thursday, October 1. Mentalist Sean Bott ad Hypnotist Chris Carter will be on campus to perform. Be sure to check it out!

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