Seniors celebrate last year at KSC at the annual Red and White Night

For most, red and white are just two arbitrary colors, but to Keene State College seniors, those hues mark one of the most important events in their final year — Red and White Night. 

Chelsea Harris, the KSC Student Involvement assistant and president of the class of 2015, organized the Red and White Night this year, which she called, “A yearly tradition where Keene State [College] seniors come out for a night full of dancing and celebrating.”

With such amenities as “DJ Hype, finger foods, a photo booth and two cash bars,” Harris said that she was working hard “to make it a night to remember.”

As the event started, it seemed almost like a quaint evening for those arriving, with attendees pulling away the last of the lunch tables to reveal the DJ booth.

Olivia Schiaffo / Equinox Staff

Olivia Schiaffo / Equinox Staff

This, however, didn’t extinguish the positive feelings of KSC alumnus and former Vice President of the class of 2014, Lindsay Shapiro, who felt that when compared to last year, this year’s Red and White Night looked “just as good, if not better.”

“Live in the moment,” were the words that Shapiro expressed to the upcoming graduates, “Don’t get too stressed out, and enjoy the time with friends they made, cause it goes by too fast.”

Enjoyment was a key theme of the night, especially to Hazel Marder, a film production major of the class of 2015.

“It’s my last year to have fun, and I heard there was really great food,” Marder explained as her reason for attending, “We killed it.”

Soon the music began to blast, playing hits of every era from Pitbull’s “Fireball” to Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl,” while the festivities kicked into full swing.

Matthew McDougal, a theater and dance major of the class of 2015, said he was really enjoying the night, and that, “It’s really nice to get in touch with everyone and the amount of compliments is awesome.”

Sheryl Magdycz, a management major, felt similar about the experience.

“I’m so excited, and it’s a huge milestone,” Magdycz said.

“I really appreciate whoever put this on,” she said, “I’m gonna see a lot of classy people in the bar.”

The bar was a centerpiece of enjoyment for the evening, with most taking a quick stop upstairs before beginning their night.

With attendees drinking and dancing the night away, some, like Brooke Malloy, exercise science major, began to open up on their excitement from the event.

“I love seeing old flames and good friends,” Malloy said while walking towards the dance floor, “2015 class rocks our socks off.”

Malloy said she was also happy with the turnout of the event.

This ultimate merriment of dancing and drinking was a modern day transitional celebration — a final gathering before adulthood truly kicks in.

Even near the night’s close, everyone was trying their best to get every last bit of entertainment into the last hour of the dance.

Among the more vocal of the students attending the event were Jack Anderson, communications major and music minor of the class of 2015.

He described being a senior as “awesome,” and laughed as he said his reason for coming was “girls.”

“Keep your GPA above a three-point-five,” Anderson suggested to his fellow seniors.

And just like that, it was over.

With the music becoming silent and the lights beginning to fade, everyone left the evening at least somewhat satisfied as they took one step closer to the future.

As true with the event as well as life, McDougal gave a final piece of advice to his classmates, “It’s all a matter of perspective, so make the best of it.”


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