Keene State College students shared lessons they’ve learned through living with a roommate while at KSC. Many KSC students said they lived at home before moving to college. For many coming to KSC, this is their first experience living with a roommate they have never met before. 

“Make sure you give yourself time to adjust if this is your first time living with a roommate. It’s a different experience than you’re used to,” KSC senior David Padrazo advised.

“Be willing to become a little more flexible and don’t expect things to just be the way you want them one-hundred percent of the time,” Padrazo continued.

Sarah Morrison / Equinox Staff

Sarah Morrison / Equinox Staff

Padrazo said that among many things, living with roommates taught him how to live with somebody in a respectful manner.

“Basically, you have to find a way to split a space in a way that is fair to two or three people without anyone being shorted of their fair share,” Padrazo said.

He continued, “Being respectful of other people’s habits, including sleeping, is key.”

Padrazo explained that during his first year he lived in a triple with roommates and they all had completely different schedules. He said he had an 8 a.m. when his roommates didn’t have to wake up until much later.

“I had to make sure I actually woke up when my alarm went off so it didn’t wake them up and make sure I kept quiet in the mornings,” Padrazo said.

Padrazo said that he changed what would be his normal routines to accommodate living with and respecting his roommates.

Lindsey Leighton, a KSC first-year, agreed with Padrazo that different class schedules have also taught her how to better adapt to situations and people.

“At home I would have a nice, quiet room in the morning, but since my roommate has class earlier than me she has to get up and get ready,” Leighton said.

She said that instead of getting annoyed with this situation, she has learned to deal with it and accept it and similar situations that are out of her control.

“Before, I would have just not put myself in some situations, but with a roommate there are some things you can’t avoid and have to adapt to,” Leighton explained.

Leighton also said that although she and her roommate had never met in person before living together, they are best friends now.

Kelsey Farrell, a KSC first-year, said she and her roommate get along as well, however, she said she has learned to pick and choose her fights wisely.

“Living with another girl — it’s easy to get into disagreements. Don’t get into an argument that you know isn’t worth it,” Farrell said.

She said that through learning how to live with someone it’s easy to get irritated about things such as the room being clean and other things that might not live up to her personal preference.

However, she said she and her roommate have both worked on living together and agreed on certain standards throughout their three months of living together.

Skyla Hall, a KSC senior, said she lived with roommates her first and second year, but now lives on her own. A lesson she learned through living with roommates is to talk about problems instead of letting them pile up, which can result in a hostile environment.

“Instead of talking about their problems, one person would complain to another person, who would complain to another person and it would just be a bunch of drama,” Hall said.

She advised people living with roommates to talk to each other, not start unnecessary drama or talk behind each others backs, because it creates an environment that isn’t comfortable to live in.

KSC Junior Zachary Proctor currently lives on campus with five roommates and agreed that roommates should try to create a positive living environment.

“Taking care of your own things is the biggest lesson I’ve learned,” he said.

He said people not willing to pick up or clean their own things, such as dishes, can cause tension and lead to arguments between roommates.

Proctor recommends other students to “Pick up your own stuff, because if you pick up your stuff maybe you’ll set an example and they would pick up theirs.”

Derek Clark, a KSC junior, said one valuable lesson he learned is to take care of his personal belongings.   “Your personal belongings are going to be out in the open and your roommates will ask to use stuff or clothes or whatever it is,” Clark said.

Along with being open, Clark said he makes sure he keeps track of his expensive things and is always aware of his roommates’ expensive things as well.

He said this is a good way to know what in his surroundings are important so that the chances of them being broken or damaged is less likely.

“For example, we were all in my room hanging out and a cup got knocked over and spilled all over my computer and I had to get a new one. I wish I was more aware that, that could have happened and maybe it wouldn’t have,” Clark said.


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