Mailcruiser email system leaves KSC looking foolish

From the moment they accept their admission into Keene State College, incoming freshmen are indoctrinated with the need to constantly check their MyKSC email accounts.

All communication between students and teachers, as well as important emails from financial aid and the college itself, are facilitated through the MyKSC email system. There is no escaping the dreaded MyKSC email, as it is the only official email address used by the college.

As a freshman, the email system seems like no big deal; however, it steadily grows as a major inconvenience as students move on to become upperclassmen.

As important emails or emailed projects get saved in the inbox, the 50 MB of space allotted to students starts to fill up quickly. Send a few professionally done graphics or a few picture-heavy PowerPoints and your account is all but full.

If large emails are sent in the morning and you weren’t informed, your account can remain too full to receive emails from anyone until you log in and remedy the situation; all without you knowing. It’s a predicament one too many students have found themselves in.

Students who are graduating have to deal with the deletion of email accounts when they leave campus. After four years of only requiring the email to be used, leaving that email behind is especially challenging. If you don’t carefully plan ahead of time, the MyKSC email could be attached to things like Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites.

This is especially troubling for students who aren’t Internet-savvy enough to realize the benefits of a second email. Students who predominantly stick to the email find themselves putting it on applications, resumes, and other important documents as a means of communication. It’s almost second nature to most of us. It seems quite ridiculous to delete accounts so soon after graduation if it’s all forced upon us during our time here.

The most glaring problem with the current email system used at Keene State College is the lack of a .edu email. Having a long email, barely recognizable as a school email and ending it with a .com is just adding insult to injury.

The lack of .edu at the end of our emails makes Keene State College look unprofessional and it cheapens the entire experience of having a school email in the first place. The flaws described may seem petty, but why is Keene State paying money for a system that is lagging behind a free Gmail account in so many ways?


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