Local bars are a little lacking in their security

Being able to go out to drink is a privilege for many upperclassmen. But with this privilege comes responsibility. The phrase, “Where can I get in?” is nothing new to 21 year olds, but it’s up to us to say we can’t help. There isn’t one bar in Keene that everyone knows they can get into if they are underage. In fact, the reality is that there is a really good chance they might get in anywhere if they try.

Though doesn’t that seem worse? You go out knowing that if you’re confident and know your information, you have a good chance of getting into a bar. Although Keene bars don’t suffer from many liquor law violations, they do happen. But much more often than these offenses, we hear about our underage friends getting into a bar over the weekend. So how do things improve?

Emma Contic / Graphics Editor

Emma Contic / Graphics Editor

It is up to the older students to deter their younger friends from trying to go out, but it is also the responsibility of the bars and their staff to not be persuaded by any type of person trying to get in when they have suspicions about them. We would hope the staff and doormen feel confident in turning away students because that is their main purpose. If their ID looks like a fake, it probably is.

They’re not there to bring in more people, they’re present so that the individuals who are age appropriate are allowed to enter. And often regulations will be slacked because the regulars want to get in without their ID, or the doorman’s 20-year-old best friend walks up and the pressure is on. It seems hard to say no, but that’s their job.

But the rap isn’t all towards the bouncers watching the door. The message goes to all types of bar staff and owners to ask questions if someone looks too young and keep a close eye over the great party going on in their establishment. If someone has a sketchy ID, why not scan it or ask the police to check it?

If their staff has been hanging out with the bar-goers, make sure they haven’t been drinking. Maybe the next step for some popular bars would be to hire more staff to keep up with the number of people coming in to drink and have fun.

If more and more 20 year olds are sneaking into bars, how is that going to make the KSC seniors and young adult townspeople feel? Going to a bar isn’t a game or a gamble, it’s a responsible party. And although we all want to be invited, sometimes we need to be told, “You’re just not old enough yet.”


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