KSC campus says ‘Hillel’ to new group

Lindsay Ross

Contributing Writer


Participating in clubs throughout college can enhance one’s experience. With the variety of clubs offered at Keene State College, students have the opportunity to develop friendships that can last a lifetime.

One club that is becoming recognized that could really play a factor in the lives of college students is Hillel.

Hillel, generally, is an organization that is held by campuses across the United States. It is a chance for Jewish students to connect with each other on a spiritual level and provides them with the social experience.

Hillel was a part of campus life at KSC for a while until 2007, when the active participants graduated.

KSC professor Rabbi Sarah Rubin is hopeful that she could encourage Jewish students to start up the club. Through Facebook, an invitation was sent out to students interested in joining.

She said she wants students to give themselves the opportunity to share this experience with fellow classmates that share the similar beliefs.

“A Jewish student group is a place where Jewish students and their friends can socialize and explore the world together, through a Jewish lens,” said Rabbi Rubin.

Since there is not a great number of Jewish students at KSC, it is important for students to come together and be able to share some of the beliefs they may have.

“It’s reassuring to know there are others who are probably feeling the same way I am,” senior Sarah Wray said.

With the holiday Passover underway it is good to know there are other students who are able to come together to celebrate the Jewish holiday since the college doesn’t let out for Passover.

Students say they feel better knowing there are others in the same boat as them.

“When I first came to Keene, I didn’t get a Passover vacation and I had my first Chanukah without my family,” Wray said.

As the days go by at school, students start to meet others who share similar views.

The club will be offering its first few events in the upcoming weeks. Although it is nearing the end of the semester, students may want to start up the club again when they return to school in the fall.

“I would say to any of those considering it at all they should go to a few meetings and get a feel for what it is all about,” Wray said.

Hillel is a student-run organization, so Rabbi Rubin is hoping students will want to start the club after attending a few events.

“I am only to provide some support for the organization,” Rubin stated.

On April 27, Rabbi Rubin will provide the pizza after Passover event. She said that this is purely a social gathering but is hopeful it will turn into something more.

“I hope that students who come will be interested in organizing Hillel officially, and will be thinking about what kinds of programs they want,” Rubin said.

Hillel would provide an environment that would be welcoming to all students, not just those who are Jewish.

This will give students a chance to form bonds and come together for Jewish holidays, along with other events that may take place.

“I think that Hillel is really focused on creating a place, whether it is physical or not, for Jewish students to connect,” said Assistant Director of Residential Life, Jana Jacobson.

But in order to make this possible, the students will have to come together and organize future gatherings.

As Rabbi Rubin said, “Hillel Programs are student programs!”


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