Coordinator Mecklenberg arraigned on felonies

Ben Mecklenberg, the former Director of Intramural Sports at Keene State College has been charged with two felonies and one class B misdemeanor crime, said John Gasaway, assistant attorney of Cheshire County. Mecklenberg had allegedly been forging time sheets for students, putting down hours that nobody actually worked and collecting the money.

“I received a check, it was placed into my direct deposit account. I hadn’t worked since the fall semester of last year, and this was the first pay period of spring. Ben sent me an email saying the University System of New Hampshire had overpaid some students. I thought that sounded weird, but I took the money out of my account and gave it back to Ben just like he requested,” said one Intramural Sports employee who requested to remain anonymous.

Gasaway stated the charges against Mecklenberg are: one theft ranging from $1,000-$1,500, one theft ranging from $500 – $1,000, and one class A misdemeanor crime of forging documents. His last day at Keene State College was March 18th, according to Heather McGreer, assistant Director of Human Resources. Gasaway said he was indicted by a grand jury on the same day.




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