Keene State College Women’s Basketball held their charity car wash to support Project Mayday at the Keene Fire Department on Sept. 9.

Project Mayday is a fundraiser to help fund mental health resources for first responders. The funds from the car wash go on to support the fundraiser in honor of Keene firefighter, Lt. Aaron Cooper. According to an article by the Keene Sentinel on Jun. 17, Cooper, “ was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer on April 10.”

“Instead of taking donations for himself, he wanted to create a foundation for people who are in his situation to give back to the community,” senior Rylie Burgess said.

The car wash takes place annually on the first weekend of September, after Labor Day. “Our coach every year tries to give back to somebody who is worthy of a donation and someone who needs it in our community, and so he wanted to give back to somebody who also gives back to our community,” Burgess said. According to the captains, around 70 cars stopped by.

“A lot of people come by and don’t even get their car wash, they stop and talk, it’s nice” Captain Jackie Alibrandi said.

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