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Keene State’s WKNH radio station hosted Rockin’ Holidaze, where students had an opportunity to find holiday joy amidst the stress of finals.

The Dec. 8 event consisted of holiday festivities such as hot chocolate, gingerbread cookie decorating, tree lighting, paint your own ornament, and Christmas tunes curated by the DJ’s of WKNH.

Rockin’ Holidaze started out last year and, according to Public Relations senior Aran Testa, WKNH was “really excited cuz it’s our first event of the semester.” 

WKNH’s new Event Coordinator Ryan Stone described the planning that went into the event. 

“This year’s was a little easier to put together because we had the foundation from last year and put a little bit more time to plan it, so we jumped on it quick and we’re like, we want all these things,” Stone said. 

Testa added that the process of planning events can be long. “It seems like there’s more work to do outside of the club as well to make events happen… it takes more resources to do one event, especially without the event coordinator for a while,” he said. 

Testa said that Rockin Holidaze added to the overall holiday cheer in the student center that night. 

“Speaking from experience, [in college] you don’t really feel as in the holiday, festive mood… I feel like this is a good way to get people into the festive mood without being like in your face,” Testa said.  

Testa continued, “Having different things happening in the student center, even if it’s different organizations at the same time, it just gives people more reason to go to any of them… it pulls itself into just being a student center holiday event [rather than] individual organizations doing their own holiday events.” 

Stone mentioned that Rockin’ Holidaze was a hit amongst students and that WKNH was happy with the turnout.

“We had an amazing turnout… we ran out of cookies and hot cocoa right at the end, which was a great sign that we had a successful event,” Stone said. “Tons of people came and painted ornaments as well and it was a blast.” 

WKNH anticipates bigger events to take place in the spring semester.

“There’s a lot of opportunities and big events that we have coming up… We put everything that we had into this holiday event, and we’ve been on campus a lot this year… we’ve had a presence, but not like our own event [until now],” Testa said. 

In addition to spreading holiday cheer, Testa said he hopes that more students tune in and get more involved with WKNH following the event. 

“Through events and just outreach, people are always welcome to just hang out and talk about music, listen to the radio, they don’t need to be a DJ,” Testa said. “It’s just a space on campus that I think needs to exist and… I wish more people knew about it.” 

To learn more about WKNH events and to listen live, visit WKNH.rocks.


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