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Are you passionate about music? Do you believe that music education is a vital part of any curriculum? Do you want to meet many like-minded individuals who share the same love for an art that is known for uniting others? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) may be for you. 

President of the Keene State chapter of NAfME, Alice Browne, says that this group is one that is aimed towards the advocation for music education, how it can build communities, and how it can enrich lives. 

Secretary Peter Labonte emphasized that this group is not exclusive to those majoring in music education. In fact, Labonte himself is actually majoring in Music Technology. What our members of the NAfME e-board assured me of was that they are a completely open group. They want people from all walks of life to join and grow with them. 

“We have a lot of Music Ed majors who play a lot of different instruments and come from a lot of different backgrounds,” Browne said. “ So we think that anything we can do to bring them together and feel like this is truly a community is important.” 

Additionally, Browne  mentioned that duringr meetings, they try to create a relaxing and safe space for their members. She mentioned that Music Ed majors have notoriously hectic schedules, so she really strives to make meetings lighthearted and give members a “chill atmosphere”. 

NAfME has  game nights planned for the semester as well as an upcoming apple picking trip. Labonte  emphasized the importance the group places on the bonding aspect of their organization. 

The group  also brings in guest lectures. Labonte referenced a lecture given by KSC faculty Professor Steve Cady last year on how they can make classrooms “brave spaces”. 

According to Labonte,the theory behind a brave space is that it is important to give our students a place where they can learn, share, and grow openly and without fear. 

“You’re able to step out of your comfort zone and talk about different things that have affected your learning and affected your life as a student.” Labonte said. 

The biggest event of the semester on NAfME’s plate is the New Hampshire NAfME Conference on Thursday Oct. 20. This conference will bring all the different chapters together. 

Additionally, KSC’s  Chamber Singers will be performing at that conference. 

Also worth noting, on Sunday, September 18th, NAfME is cohosting a Music Department picnic with the American Choral Directors Association. The groups strive to host this as a big “welcome back” event for members in the department. They also hope that they see a large population of freshman attending so newcomers see that they have a community to lean on. 

 Browne, Labonte and other NAfME members encouraged all Music Education Majors to get involved within the organization. 

[Blank] said, “All are welcome with open arms.”


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