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Chock Full O’ Notes (CFON), Keene State’s  acapella group, is preparing to welcome a new group of singers to their ensemble this year.

The group held auditions on September 18 and 21 at the Redfern Arts Center. Students met with the CFON’s returning members for icebreaker activities prior to individual auditions.

“We want everyone to have that first icebreaker [and] if they have nerves, they can feel a little bit more relaxed and comforted,” said Simon Furze, music director and beatboxer for CFON. 

Furze said he has found support within the group and hopes to continue that experience for new members. “If you love to sing and love to be part of a group of people that just enjoy music, then CFON is a great place for you,” he said.

CFON encouraged students to audition for their group and wants to make anyone auditioning feel as at ease as possible.

 “I think it’s important for everyone to realize that everyone has anxiety…you’re not alone,” Furze said. “We’re CFON but we like to call ourselves ‘C-FAM’ because we’re like a family…we’re extremely respectful and supportive of everyone that walks through those doors.” 

Furze added, when selecting songs for performances, the group collaborates and everyone’s options are taken into consideration.

In addition to performing well-known songs, CFON members also arrange their own songs, according to CFON President Dominic Lynch.. 

Lynch said he hopes to get the group “back to as normal as possible.” 

He elaborated, “I want us to have a lot of fun enjoying each other’s company and making good music together…I hope to be able to engage with the community of Keene State and the city of Keene more.”

 Lynch said that Chock Full O’Notes provides students with a unique musical experience. “Acapella is such a cool thing because you are able to sing songs and make music with just your vocal cords. We use no instruments or back up tracks. All of the sound we make on stage is made by us. I think that is such a cool and unique experience that I encourage all students to try if they can.” 


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