Students registered for their Fall 2022 semester courses during April 4-7. 

Course registration experiences can vary based on the student. For some, registration is a stress-free, easy experience.

“It wasn’t difficult, I’ve completed most of my non-major specific electives, so I’m excited to be able to focus on the classes that I’m interested in the most. I preselected all of my courses and just had to hit the register button. My friend was having some difficulties getting into a class he needed for his major, and another friend had to create a new schedule before registration because all of the classes filled,” sophomore Harold Bierderman said. 

Junior music major Andrew Cropper shared a similar experience, “In terms of registering for classes, I didn’t have trouble. I quickly planned my classes a week in advance and I registered.”

However, other students did not share a stress-free registration experience. Sophomore Jeremiah Barry said he had difficulty registering. “I had a bit of trouble,” Barry said. “I couldn’t get into one class because of a prerequisite, but other that it was fine.”

Registration can also take a toll on faculty advisors. Film professor Jo Dery said finding time for advising appointments during registration season can be a challenge. “We need to fit twenty five appointments into our weekly schedules, it’s wonderful to have that one on one with students! I think the hardest part for students is making a schedule that works for them. So many of our students work full-time or part-time jobs. Also, I think it’s hard when they plan a class, and then that class fills up and they need to find a backup,” Dery said.

During the Summer of 2021, several academic programs were placed on an indefinite administrative hold. Dery said this placed an additional stress on advising and registration. “Within the last year, some majors and minors have been dropped and those students need help navigating how to finish up the program they declared when they started college,” Dery said.

Keene State’s registration system is based on credits, in order of lowest to highest. Meaning, first-year students and sophomores register ahead of juniors and seniors. Hollis Toney, a sophomore Graphic Design Major said his system should be tweaked, “I think that first semester freshmen should still get priority, but second semester freshmen shouldn’t.”

Any student who is experiencing difficulties planning their schedule for Fall 2022 should contact their academic advisor or visit Academic and Career Advising. 


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