The City of Keene has so many things to offer that one can enjoy free of cost. Keene has no shortage of exciting things to do for people of every age.

One can imagine lying down holding a paintbrush or pen in front of the pond and sketching things down while having a picnic with your friends. You can do this in Robin Hood Park and Forest in Keene. Enjoying nature with your favorite book and people while swinging in a hammock is an activity you can do there even without spending your money. Goose Pond in 192 East Surry Road in Keene, Wilson Pond in Swanzey and Wheelock Park in 95 Park Avenue in Keene.

Mount Monadnock is a famous place where people in Keene love to hike. Hiking in between the challenging trails and catching the breathtaking views at the top of Mount Monadnock can be your next activity.

If you are either a mountain biker or a person who loves to bike leisurely, there are good options for both. Biking and hiking at the Sunset Rock hiking trail in between the sweeping scenes of natural beauty is one option. This landmark offers amazing views; come for a bike and a picnic to enjoy the scenic overlook.

For hiking, biking, crosscountry skiing, horseback riding, snowshoeing or simply taking a casual stroll, the Cheshire Rail Trail is one of the bias spots. Drummer Hill, Keene’s biggest mountain biking area, has trails that can also be used for hiking and running.

As you walk around Keene State, you might have seen the red mural with the big owl on the back of the student center, which is one of many various murals around the city. Keene is a place rich in history. There are 16 historically themed Walldog murals made by over 200 artists from around the world in 2019. One can grab a map and do a scavenger hunt of these murals and explore the history!

Similarly, you can visit the exemplary Central Square in downtown Keene. Central Square features a charming gazebo, a beautiful fountain and The Civil War Soldiers’ Monument. Under the shade of the tree, you can relax and enjoy the town’s vibes and attend the frequent community events like ice festivals, Christmas tree lightings, farmer’s markets and more.

If you are a Keene State Owl, there are plenty of free activities on campus. Keene State Redfern Arts Center is one place to go. Not all the performances are free, but there are lots of interesting music performances and movies without cost that you can take advantage of.

Similarly, Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery exhibits many paintings, drawings and sculptures from professionals and students and does not charge an admission fee.

In the City of Keene, there are many fun events and festivals taking place. You can keep track of them at events-festivals/.

As you can see, there are a lot of moments awaiting for you. Get yourself ready and start your hunt for beautiful memories in Keene!

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