Keene State Student Involvement held a successful Casino Night event in the Mabel Brown Room this past Friday.

Casino Night consisted of common casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack, and Texas Holdem while using money chips with no actual money. Additionally, each student who had money chips leftover were entered into a raffle for a free $50 gift card to a place of their choosing.

According to Social Activities Council President Casey Brown, Student Involvement has been planning this event since the summer. “During the summer we pre-planned a lot of programming… I figured it’d be a really nice change to do something that a lot of students obviously won’t have the chance to do as [underclassmen] because you know, you have to be 21 plus to do those things.” Giving underclassmen students a more adult introduction to college is what sparked Student Involvement’s decision to host a Casino Night.

What made the Casino Night easier to plan is the council’s partnership with local company Party Vision, as they handle and contract event rentals. “Party Vision, basically [did] everything for us,” Brown said. “They came in, set up the room for us, [and] they told us how to run the games.” After that, Brown was just left with finding volunteers to run the games, which she mentioned was easy because she had “a great team of people who volunteered for [her].”

The students who attended the event expressed how much they enjoyed playing the games. “It [went] well,” student Autumn Miller said, ”I learned how to play some casino games that I’ve never learned how to play, so it [was] fun.” Miller heard about the event through the flyers posted around campus. “I thought it seemed interesting,” she said. Miller stated that she had the most fun playing Roulette.

James Rivers is another student who attended Casino Night and thoroughly enjoyed it. He previously had fun at the other events Student Involvement held and decided to try Casino Night. “I’m not much of a gambler person, but my father was really into Blackjack so I [gave] it a shot,” Rivers said. He mentioned how Student Involvement influenced him to go to Casino Night, along with the desire to get more involved on campus.

When asked if Student Involvement would consider hosting another Casino Night, Brown responded with, “Yeah, absolutely. I think this event is really sort of easy to put on because Party Vision is just so flexible.” She is hoping to even add more fun activities to the event to make it even better next time.

Given how much Miller and Rivers loved Casino Night, they also gave suggestions for events they would like to see on campus in the future. “I would like to see a carnival, [it] would be really fun,” Miller mentioned. “And if we can get another successful movie night outside and have more people come, that would be fun.” Additionally, Rivers coined an idea of having a student Olympics. “It would kind of be a fun, casual idea,” he said.

Student Involvement has a ton of exciting events coming up, especially with Halloween right around the corner. Halloweekend is October 28 through 31 and there will be four days of events and activities.

According to Brown, there will be something thrilling going on every night of Halloweekend. Ghost Hunter Chris Fleming will be coming to campus on Thursday night. On Friday, there will be a trip to Canobie Lake Park Screamfest and also three rounds of costume bingo in the Mabel Brown Room. On Saturday night there will be caramel apples, cotton candy, a corn maze outside, and a game show in the Mabel Brown Room via VR. And then on Sunday night there will be a painting contest.

For more information and to stay updated on campus events, students can follow KSC Involvement on Instagram, or Keene State College Student Involvement on Facebook.

Social Activities Council President Brandon Carta was unavailable for an interview.

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