Students find ways to socialize without ever having to leave their dorms

Community Assistants’ dorm specific programs have been a great place where one can see new friendships blooming.

For the month of October, some Keene State Community Assistants had organized their individual creative and fun residence hall programs while some CAs have yet to do so.

On October 23, Community Assistant of The Living and Learning Commons, Gonzalo Galvez, hosted his “Paint Night” program in the common area from 7 p.m. Freshman residents exchanging their names, blending the acrylic paint with background music’s flow, complementing each other’s paints, and building new connections were the view of Galvez’s paint night. Watching students throwing colors in the canvas was like watching them throwing the stress away. Some residents who had never painted before were enjoying the paint night to the fullest. Galvez said, “We throw our dorm programs to make residents interact with the people they don’t know, to give students to do something as it’s nice to have something to look forward to at the end of the day and obviously to bring communities together”.

Although programs are generally an hour and a half long, Galvez was quite happy seeing how his residents were enjoying the night till 9:30 p.m. Sharing his own experience of how he felt when he was a resident, Galvez said, “My first year in college was boring. But, afterward, once we saw that programs were happening, we used to go there and make a lot of friends”. In Galvez’s two years’ experience of being a CA, hosting programs has been his favorite part as they have a great value for the student’s involvement.

Freshman resident of The Living and Learning Commons, Kara Gerrish who attended the “Paint Night” said, “I love to paint, and I had not done painting in a while. It was fun and very relaxing that I wish residence halls would organize these kinds of dorm programs more often”.

Similarly, “Make your own pet rock monster” was the program of Coleton Labonville, One Butler Court’s Community Assistant. On Saturday, October 23, Labonville hosted his program from 6 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. in the Holloway building.

Labonville shared, “In programs, you are going to feel welcomed, and your mental health is going to be better with a positive community”.

Since innovation, creativity, and new bonds are what programs are for, Coleton had organized his creative program space by providing rocks and decorative items like eyes. Students made their creative pets by painting the rocks, decorating them, and giving them their unique looks. “As a Community Assistant, it’s nice to have chances to interact with my residents as I develop a sense of community seeing them involved. I kind of feel like I am making my little village.”

The upperclassmen dorms are having less participation in the programs. As residents didn’t quite show up in Labonville’s program, he said, “The program was not the biggest turnout as Holloway is kind of a fairly typical upperclassmen area, but I highly encourage everyone to attend ”.

Programs are one of the amazing opportunities that Community Living offers. Thus, on the behalf of all the CAs, Coleton and Galvez want to encourage all the residents to come forward and enjoy programs as one never knows you might form one of the best friendships there.

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