In-person performances are returning to the Redfern Arts Center this year

In-person performances are back on campus this year-under certain conditions.

As a result of the college moving into yellow/orange operational status last week, the guidelines for in-person performances were opened up. All events taking place indoors are now allowed to operate using two-thirds capacity. This capacity will depend on the size of the venue.

“Now that we’re in the yellow/orange protocol, instead of being limited to events of only 100 people, and this is across campus, we’re able to utilize the 67%, or two-thirds, capacity,” music department chair Sandra Howard said.

Also, everyone attending the performances will still be required to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status. Callie Carmosino, Audience Services Manager at the Redfern Arts Center, outlined the guidelines for audience members, “The expectation is that you’ve tested negative for COVID during the weekly screening, you wear a mask during the whole performance and you’re socially distanced during the entire performance.”

On stage, all performers will also be required to wear masks throughout the duration of the performance. This includes musicians, who are taking extra steps to ensure performances are done safely. In addition to masks, fabric coverings will be placed on the end of certain instruments to prevent spread of germs and to allow for players to stand within proper distance from each other.

“Brass and woodwind players still use masks with a slit so they can put their instrument and their mouthpiece in, but they do have what’s called ‘belt coverings’ made from Merv 13 fabric, it’s really durable filter fabric. That’s shown that they can also play within three feet from one another,” Howard said.

This year, groups of up to five people will be allowed to be seated together at performances. “We are allowing groups to sit together as long as they are distanced from the next group, so a group of three could sit, but then they’re spaced three feet from the next,” Carmosino said.

Also, in order to operate under the most accurate guidelines set by the college, tickets for each performance will not go on sale until two weeks before the event. “We’re not selling tickets until two weeks before any event, because we want to know what the most current level of mitigation is,” Howard said.

Guidelines for in-person performances have the potential to fluctuate throughout the year, depending on the college’s operational status and number of active COVID-19 cases. However, Carmosino said she is happy to see in-person performances return, even if at a distance.

“I’m just happy to be doing them again, that we can invite the public and have KSC students and faculty come,” Carmosino said.

All the guidelines are set to allow audience members and performers to enjoy performances safely. “When people come into our performance spaces, they should keep that in mind that, with the mitigations with the masks and the bell coverings and the more aggressive air exchange, they should feel comfortable,” Howard said.

A livestream option will still be available for those who are unable to attend events inperson. That link is available for purchase on the Redfern Arts Center website.

All Keene State students can attend all events at the Redfern Arts Center for free by showing their Owl Card at the box office upon arrival to the performance.

Howard hopes students take advantage of the ability to see performances free of charge. “I would just encourage students to take advantage of the opportunity of attending free performance events. It’s something that is included in their student activity fee, just like attending an athletic event, and just to support their peers on campus who are presenting these performances,” Howard said.

In-person performances begin with KSC theater and dance’s presentation of “Welcome to the White Room,” starting performances on October 12 in the Wright Theater.

Theater Operations Manager Jeremy Robarge did not respond to The Equinox’s request for comment.

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