There have been many discrepancies involving the mask policy during outdoor contests. The Keene State Athletics website currently states that masks are required for all spectators. The website does not specifically address the mask policy for coaches, players and staff, however.

Abe Osheyack, the Assistant Director of Athletics and Phil Racicot, the Director of Athletics, agreed with the masking policies for spectators, restating the information that was listed on the athletics page.

“Spectators are also asked to wear masks at all events indoor and outdoor. Regardless of vaccination status,” Osheyack said.

Osheyack also gave insight into the mask policy for coaches and players during gameplay for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

“For outdoor games, if coaches and players are fully vaccinated, they do not have to wear masks at any time. If an unvaccinated player enters the game, they are allowed to remove their masks while participating, but must bring their mask back on when coming off,” Osheyack said.

Racicot agreed with Osheyack, also stating that masks are not necessary while being actively involved in a game.

“I guess the first thing would be that masks are not required for players that are engaged in athletic activity. So if you’re playing you should not have to wear a mask from that standpoint,” Racicot said.

Racicot went on to explain that these rules can be modified depending on what the opposing teams masking rules are.

“So, in working with the other schools, if they’re doing a masking requirement on the sidelines and then we will work with that as well,” Racicot said.

Osheyack also elaborated on the differentiating rules based on the other schools’ policies.

“We can evaluate requests of other schools to possibly wear masks during competition on a case-by-case basis,” Osheyack said.

These rules and policies that the athletic department are following do align with the current mask protocols Keene State has in place.

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