Claire Boughton / Sports Editor

Claire Boughton
Sports Editor

I know.

Unpopular opinion.

But, let me explain why I believe there is a chance that Logan “The Maverick” Paul defeats the greatest of all time, Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

It all comes down to one thing: the money, and boy is there a lot of it being tossed around in this fight.

With Mayweather earning around $100 million for simply stepping foot into the ring, it’s no surprise he came out of retirement to take on Paul, a twenty-something-year-old with an annoying younger brother who likes to steal hats. And that is only the beginning of the possible profit Mayweather could rake in for fighting.

My theory, while wildly unlikely and admittedly bizarre, is that Mayweather and Paul are doing this exhibition fight as a stunt to launch Paul’s boxing career and allow Mayweather to take a permanent, and may I add luxurious, seat in retirement.

The Paul brothers have been trying to make a name for themselves in the fighting scene for several years now with Logan having faced off against fellow YouTuber KSI and younger brother Jake Paul recently taking on retired wrestler Ben Askren. The older Paul brother, and Mayweather’s opponent for the June 6 showdown, has not had a high success rate in his fights (he hasn’t won one), which makes my prediction even more unlikely.

However, if you take out the possibility of this entire fight being a publicity stunt and a big money-maker for both parties involved, Logan Paul does have some factors going for him, and as one of my friends said: it only takes one punch.

Paul has a significant height and wingspan advantage on Mayweather. Paul stands at 6-foot-2 while Mayweather only stands at 5-foot-8. According to an article comparing the two boxers statures on, Paul’s reach expands past Mayweathers by four inches. On top of that, Paul has a significant amount of weight on Mayweather with Paul weighing in at almost 200-pounds and Mayweather weighing in at 147-pounds.

However, height and weight does not make up for Mayweather’s incredible defensive fighting skills.

I think that regardless of how the fight ends up, it will be one of the highest viewed pay-per-view boxing matches in history and it will most definitely be worth a watch. However, if I had to place money on someone, I would go with Logan Paul for the sheer belief that $100+ million dollars can have a lot of sway on someone.

Also I would only be betting about five dollars.


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