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On April 21, 2021, the Keene State College student body received an email from Campus Safety regarding an “increase in graffiti and tagging on the KSC Campus,” according to the email.

The email also stated that “The Keene Police Department is also working closely with our Campus Safety officers to resolve this matter.”

Christopher Buckley, Director of Campus Safety, said the graffiti and tagging has shown up in “a variety of different places” including the bus stop behind the Media Arts Center (MAC) and on transformers around campus, including those behind the library and behind the MAC. Buckley added that the tagging has “appeared on a number of dumpsters [and] buildings off of the paved walkway by Joyce Field.”

This increase in graffiti prompted campus safety to send the email out to the student body. “Part of the reason we reached out was to try and ask if someone saw something suspicious.” Buckley could not comment on if the email has yielded any results, as it’s currently an ongoing investigation.

“It’s detracting from the beauty of our campus,” Buckley said. “The Keene State campus is beautiful, I would like it to stop.”

Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Conduct Matthew Salter said regarding the punishment for students defacing KSC property, “It would be a range depending on the pervasiveness of the graffiti, the content and cost. There would likely be restitution for the damage as well as another sanction. However, it is hard to provide an exact sanction because we would want to hear the side of the person that did it first.”

The recent spike in graffiti is an active investigation.


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