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Hunter Oberst
News Editor

COVID cases in the area are still increasing as of April 22.

Construction Clerk of the Works Colin Burdick said Keene State College and Cheshire County both have 16 new cases. That puts KSC at 20 active cases, all of which are students.

“We’re on thin ice and COVID could go one way or another,” Burdick said. “And it’s not hard to go the wrong way when we’re this close.”

The college remains in Green/Yellow operational status. Burdick noted that the school’s case numbers and infection rates have shrunk since the beginning of the semester, however they’re not quite as low as he would like them to be.

“We haven’t gotten to a place where we’re comfortable with the weekly results,” Burdick said. “We want to see below 10 cases weekly.”

Burdick added that just because vaccines are rolling out more quickly does not mean the school is in the clear.

“Vaccines are not 100% effective against contracting the virus but the more people that get vaccinated, the less people hospitalized,” Burdick said. He added that the school is encouraging students, faculty and staff to get vaccinated so that there will be much less risk for transmission and less hospitalization. Although the whole community will likely not be vaccinated until the end of the spring semester, Burdick said the community will feel the benefits by next fall of this year.

“Now is no time to relax,” Burdick said. “With 16 cases per week we are sitting on a powder keg. I want us to finish strong, not just run through the finish line.”


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