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Hello, I am Cameron Scott a legally blind student attending Keene State College. For the rest of the semester, I’m going to write about what campus life is like for a visually impaired student.

College is a very important part of growing up, developing life skills. Therefore, the more knowledge I have, the better I can understand my business.

So, you are probably wondering why I would pick Keene State College. It was simple really, the college was very accessible and a decent size so I could find things easily.

These are things most people without visual impairments do not have to think about.

Finding places is something that is always difficult and I mainly rely on memory to travel everywhere or I simply just ask people. Other things that people without visual impairments would never have to experience is the ability of not driving. I know this generic, but it is so true, people with visual impairments cannot drive, meaning public transportation is the way to go and it gets harder where you don’t know when your stop is.

There are even situations that are simple, but finding public restrooms can be a challenge. There is a men’s and women’s bathroom and since I cannot see the symbols indicating this until I get up close, it is only a 50/50 chance I will get it right. Meaning that I will have to go up close to one to see if it is the right one and beware of who is in my surroundings, I think you get the point.

Personally, I never like relying on people, but it is a struggle I must endure every day. Having a visual impairment is not all that bad it has taught me to persevere through difficult situations and has helped me advocate for myself. I have also learned wonderful independence skills that help me navigate my everyday life.

When I said I wanted to go to college a lot of people were shocked because they thought high school was good enough, but I always feel like there is the possibility to learn even more from higher education.

Currently I am majoring in business and a minor in film production. I am 19 years old but there is a lot more that meets the eye–no pun intended. Throughout my school career things always have been different let’s just say that. From using different technology to see the in-class material to not recognizing people by face but instead by their voice. I have always viewed learning from a different lens, not letting my disability define who I am or what I can do. What I always tell people is that it is not the degree that makes you smart it is the skills you acquire along your learning journey.

In the future I plan on opening up even more passive streams of income and even in the upcoming year to own a couple of rental properties.

I have taken this heart by starting multiple businesses in content creation. For example, I run a YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers. I also run multiple websites that earn me passive income. Finally, I manage the content for over 40 different YouTube channels.


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