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The first day off in the semester proved to be a success as students lined up to partake in a celestial occasion.

This last Wednesday, November 11, 2020 the Student Activities Council (SAC) put on an event called “Astral afternoon,” which had tarot card reading, salt and sugar body scrubs and the chance to spin a wheel for a free item, like a bag or lanyard. They were also handing out free t-shirts. The event started at 1 p.m. and by 2 p.m., there were lines almost out the door for sugar or salt scrubs and to have tarot cards read.

Keene State student Alysha England came with her friends for a fun afternoon.

“The event was amazing, and we had a fun time, it was cool to have our tarot cards read since it’s not usually something you can just go out and do,” England Said.

England continued to talk about how it was an amazing event and they loved the opportunity to make their own body scrubs to relax. She said, “They even let you smell the scents so you weren’t picking randomly.” She and her friends continued to talk about how nice it was to have the ability to go out and enjoy some good vibes even with the pandemic.

“It’s just nice to get out and enjoy company with friends,” England said.

Keene State student Faith Boisvert loved the vibes that came from the event

“Everyone was so nice and personable. I could bond with my tarot card reader while she read my fortune,” Boisvert said.

She continued to talk about how the tarot card readers gave her options of what she wanted to be read, and made the table a safe, comfortable space. “[It] was just really awesome that they put this on,” Boisvert said.

Keene State student Gabrielle Laferriere talked about how the tarot card readers were sweet and understanding.

“You could ask a question and know the outcome or they would read your past, present and future,” Laferriere said.

She also said that getting your tarot cards read just wasn’t mainstream and she was excited to have the opportunity to get them read.

“It was nice to hear about the outcome of the future, good or bad, I feel more prepared,” Laferriere said.

Keene State student Abbey Corneau had a different favorite from the event. She loved the body scrubs. She said she loves  her body scrub and “it smells amazing.” Coreanu couldn’t wait to try it at home with the winter months around the corner.

“My skin gets super dry so this will help me with the winter months coming around! It feels so soft! “You can put essential oils, herbs, and have the choice between salt or sugar, which makes all the difference to peoples skin.” ” Coreanu said.

Coreanu also talked about the tarot card reading and how they were a big hit. “It’s really awesome and a really cool opportunity,” she said. Coeanu talked about how the event was jam packed and there were long lines for body scrubs and tarot card readings, but it was nice and awesome to have the experience.


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