Keene State releases coronavirus plan for 2020 fall semester

Connor Crawford

Managing Executive Editor


On Thursday, August 27, Keene State College President Melinda Treadwell sent an email to students which contained the “Keene State College Fall 2020 Covid-19 Risk Mitigation and Management Plan.” 

According to the introduction of the plan, “risk management and control is a science devoted to anticipating and identifying outcomes related to activities. COVID-19 does not afford learning by experience until it’s too late.” 

The introduction explains what the college is doing to reduce the chances of a COVID-19 out break on campus. “Given the consequences of COVID-19, KSC has striven to reduce risk to as low as reasonably practicable (which the plan labels ALARP).” To arrive at ALARP, the campus administration decided to use a cross-functional team (to seek balance of risk perception and science).

The plan outlines different ways the college intends on limiting the impact of COVID-19 on campus, which include: social distancing, wearing masks at all times while on campus and limiting groups to 10 persons or less. The college is also planning to address off campus as well as on campus behavioral issues, which include: athletic, dining and public space behavior. 

Daily “attestation” is also part of the plan. While faculty and staff will “complete daily status monitoring/attestation reporting of temperatures,” it is unclear whether students will have to participate in the daily attestation. However, students, including faculty and staff, will be required to be tested for coronavirus by nasal swab under the intervals outlined in the plan. 

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