Mark Amorim from Troy, New Hampshire, comes everyday to Keene State College even after the campus extended remote learning for the rest of the semester. Working 40 hours a week, Amorim said he has no other option than coming to work. In the picture above, Amorim is soaping the floor of the Mason Library

Residential and commercial janitorial and cleaning services are categorized as other community-based essential functions according to the emergency order #17 issued by New Hampshire’s governor Chris Sununu.
Employee at KSC Luke Buckham (in the picture) said, “It is interesting to be considered more important than usual.” Buckham is using a carpet extractor to extract deeply embedded dirt from wall-to-wall carpeting at the Mason Library.

One of the cleaning supplies that the cleaners are using is Virex, a disinfectant cleaner which cleaner Roxanne Edwards said, “… kills the Corona Virus.” Cleaners have been walking around with their cleaning cart in Mason Library and in Pondside 3 at KSC for the past few weeks.

Roxanne Edwards expressed her dissatisfaction with how some people she knows have been making 600 dollars a week staying home; however, she said she makes far less per week despite being vulnerable during pandemic. Edwards has been cleaning at KSC for about 10 years now. Edwards said she is scared to work and potentially get exposed to the virus.

64-year-old Cheryl Arlen has been working at KSC for two years. Arlen said she lives in Keene and is not worried about her health as much as Edwards. She said, “We need to take care of ourselves; it is what it is and it’s life.”

Edwards and Arlen have been working together cleaning Mason library’s surfaces using Virex, and dusting everything almost everyday.
Arlen (on the left side) thinks they make a good team.

Debbie Amato (far behind in the picture) and Cheryl Wirtanen are seen filling the water tanks. The water filled in the tank is ultimately used to clean the carpets. Amato and Wirtanen are grateful to be at work. Wirtanen said, “I need to work. That’s good that we are able to and the college is letting us.”

Cheryl Wirtanen walks in front of her C&W services van. Wirtanen feels safe working as there aren’t a lot of people walking around. She said, “If I didn’t feel safe, I wouldn’t be here.”

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