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If you’re interested in politics, Keene State College has a multitude of clubs and organizations that you could join to get involved.

The KSC Democrats are one of the political organizations on campus that might be the right fit for you.

“It’s nice to be around like-minded individuals and people who want to make a change on campus,” junior film major Hope Daley said. “I think we are all united for the common good. We all basically want our voices to be heard.”

Colin Meehan said that his favorite part of being in the KSC Democrats is the ability to go out and do something about the issues that he cares about.

“A part of it, at least for me, is the ability to know that I am doing something. I vote, but at a certain level that just isn’t enough,” Colin Meehan stated. “To be able to say that I am part of a group that is helping other people and champing more active ways of getting involved is really cool.”

With the KSC Democrats having around 15 members, they are by no means a large group.

However, according to member John Kelleher, the group’s smaller size does not matter in making change.

“Even though we are a small group in the whole system, we still are a part of trying to fix things and helping to get stuff done,” Kelleher said. “We help people register to vote, we help people stay informed with what is going on in local and national politics.”

Kelleher explained that it is better to take action on the things that matter the most to you instead of taking a seat on the sidelines and waiting for change.

Daley expressed that since joining the KSC Democrats, her greatest takeaway has been becoming more active in the community around her.

“I feel like I am a little braver nowadays,” Daley explained. “I remember the first time I volunteered in a campaign, which I wouldn’t have done unless I was in this group. I am a very nervous person, but when you are instructed to go talk to people and give them ‘commit to vote’ cards, it’s interesting because I can talk to people that I don’t even know now.”

“Being a part of this club has helped me to grow more confident,” explained Colin Meehan on his greatest takeaway from being a part of the club. “I’m definitely a more aware person after I joined the club of local and national issues. I definitely pay more attention to issues in the news at local and national levels.”

Vice President of the KSC Democrats Ryan Meehan emphasized how important it is for students to get out and vote, especially with the New Hampshire Primary quickly approaching. 

“If you look at voter turnout, [students] tend to have a pretty poor performance and a lot of these issues that are being decided now are going to affect our lives, you know, for however long we are alive,” Ryan Meehan expressed. 

“It is really important that we get as many students and young people to turn out as much and as often as we possibly can because the decisions we make now are going to matter for the next 100 years.”

Colin Meehan added that it is also important that college students get involved in politics because some students are not aware of how much politics affects their daily lives. 

“Most college students I come across say, ‘I don’t really pay attention because it doesn’t really affect me,’” Colin Meehan explained. “Politics really does affect them. Local elections and national elections are going to impact how much taxes they pay, how much money the school gets, how difficult or easy it will be for them to vote. That is another reason we try to get as many students to vote as we can.”

The KSC Democrats hold weekly meetings every Wednesday night at 6 p.m. in room 309 of the student center. 

If you have any questions pertaining to the KSC Democrats, president of the organization Davis Bernstein can be contacted at

Look for an article about the Keene State College Republicans in an upcoming publication of the paper!

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