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A new year, a new decade! We are finally all back for the spring semester. 

Students and faculty were able to kick back and enjoy the turn of the century with a nice, long break. Some may have traveled or even made some money. Watching the traditional ball drop and clinking your champagne (or sparkling cider) with friends and yelling “Happy New Year!” is always a good time.

Starting fresh, we must all adjust to our new class schedules and get used to writing “2020” for the date. To inspire yourself, it may help to think of a resolution or goal to reach for the new year, whether you plan every detail to stay on top of your achievements or have it always in the back of your mind..

Junior Kevin Sagalski talked about how his resolution will be getting better with time as most do. “This year I am trying to think through what I say completely first,” he said. “I just never want to say anything I don’t mean.” 

Very abstract, but a great resolution for anyone to think about. This is like another resolution by junior Megan Palmer. Palmer wants to go into the new year and said she will “not dwell on things [she] can’t control and just let life happen.” 

Hailey Fisher, a junior who transferred to Keene, said she aims to explore and get more active in 2020. Fisher said she “really want[s] to learn to ski or try yoga for the first time.” 

Trying new things and getting into healthy habits are certainly positive goals to have, and allowing experiences you have always wanted to happen is an easy way to do this. Fisher is also trying to eat a better diet and is even trying to go to the gym more, likely along with many others. Keene State students are excited for a healthy new year! 

With students inspired for what’s to come and our innate curiosity about what life might throw at us as we grow, having a helpful goal might get us through a little easier. 

It is amazing to speak with students who are helping themselves to be the best them they can be and doing what they can to foster  a positive and honest environment.

Fisher also explained how excited she is to finally be a senior this fall and is most looking forward to living with all her friends again next semester. 

Student Julia Healey is also eager for this coming year. “My New Year’s resolution is to invest more time into myself,” Healey said, coming into this year with positivity and an open mind. 

As we get back into the swing of things, maybe think about a goal you can achieve by 2021. With mutual hope, have a happy new year! Leaving you with a quote by Vern McLellan: “What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year.”

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