Exploring the music of Spain and Cuba

The Redfern Arts Center showcases faculty in a recital

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Joe Guzman

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The sounds of music from Cuba and Spain have emerged this Sunday at the Redfern Arts Center. The event was originally a paid event for outside people and free for Keene State College students, but they ran out of cash to make change, so after that the event became free for all. This music event was advertised as a “Faculty Recital: Jose Lezcano and friends” exploring the music of Spain and Cuba, featuring works from artists throughout the centuries such as Narváez, Milán, Scarlatti, Brouwer, Martin and Lezcano himself, as well as many other artists.

Alumna from last year Eva Medvidofsky who was standing looking at the performance said, “I’m one of the front house managers at the Redfern, I’m really excited to see the piece with Patricia Pedroza Gonzalez. She was one of my professors at Keene State and she is doing a two dance pieces, the one with Jose playing guitar.” She mentioned she knew Professor Lezcano when she went to school here. “I know of Jose—I’ve worked with him before through the Redfern and he’s a very talented guitarist and a great professor and [it’s] always a real treat to work with him,” said Medvidofsky.

Paulryan Chipman and Nathan Dinwoodie were sophomore attendees of the event. Chipman said,“Well, I know Dr. Lezcano personally I take a class with him. I’m also a music composition major here at Keene State and this music is seldom heard at least to the modern ear right now and I relish in the chance to be able to come here and listen to this beautiful music.”

Dinwoodie said, “This is a part of the grading system in one of my classes we have to write two reports during the semester. So I chose this one.”

Both Chipman and Dinwoodie agreed their favorite instrument was the guitar. “I like the classical guitar. There are periods of the history of the instrument…  it was very regimented and it was very strict structure and form music was played in. But, as the years and centuries go on, the music really evolves and adds a lot more life and flavor to it. So I absolutely love the sound, tamber, and the music played by the classical guitar,” said Chipman.

Dinwooodie said “I guess guitar (is my favorite), I feel like with piano you will get a piano vibe but with guitar you can do a whole range of stuff.”

Medvidofsky had a different opinion.  “I love piano, I think piano is really beautiful. The first piano piece [En Jerez de la frontera (The Miller’s Wife) by Joaquín Rodrigo performed by Virginia Eskin] was stunning! It was so good,” Medvidofsky said.

Medvidofsky also said she preferred Cuban music. “So I really like both. Given the choice I’d pick Cuban music, it’s just a really beautiful sound.”

Chipman said, “I like the sound of Cuba. It has a little more spice.” After that he went into the history about how it has evolved from over time.“So I’m really excited for what Cuba has to offer and I’m going to love it every second.” said Chipmen.

Lastly, Chipman and Dinwoodie both mentioned how they enjoyed the intermission closer piece with Virginia Eskin on piano, Jose Manuel Lezcano on guitar and Patricia Pedroza Gonzalez accompanying them with a Spanish dance. “You bet I did [like the performance],” said Chipman. “I am really excited and happy that the Redfern Arts Center not only had music but also has a dancing portion to this recital. I’ve never seen that before, but it is a welcome addition to have multiple arts in the same room, being performed at the same time, in the way it was supposed to be played.”

Dinwoodie said, “Oh yeah I thought that [the dance] was pretty cool. I find that this is the first time I’ve been to one of these events so [there are] a lot of new things. It is a bit weird when it’s just one person performing cause all of the lights are on them and it’s completely dark and no movement. So having a visual thing paired with the auditory section made the entire thing pretty sweet.”

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