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The Tony Hawk Foundation (THF) is providing a grant to the town of Keene to help renovate the skate park.

According to, the motto of the organization is, “A charitable, non-profit organization, the Tony Hawk Foundation was established in 2002 by its namesake, professional skateboarder Tony Hawk. THF promotes and provides advocacy training and funds for high-quality public skateparks in low-income areas throughout the United States that promote healthy, active lifestyles, and to International programs that enrich the lives of youth through skateboarding.”

The foundation gives out grants all over the country, ranging in amount. Keene is receiving a grant of $10,000 and will allow the town to make several renovations to the park. However, local families and organizations have been teaming up to renovate the park further.

Community member Sean Zimmerman said him and his mother have recently been receiving donations and getting volunteers to help renovate the skatepark. “We’ve raised $95,000 so far. $10,000 of that has come from the Tony Hawk Foundation,” he said.

Zimmerman said his goal is to update Keene’s original skate park and to make it look more appealing, “I think people will see that this park is better. We really want the park to look good. I feel like it will have a big impact on people not just from around the area. I think it will attract many people in the area.”

Zimmerman said his mother is a huge contributor to the cause, “She plans a lot of events and [is] applying for donations and grants, and we have a lot of other help from volunteers spreading the word and helping with events,” he said.

Zimmerman said they are hoping to have the park finished by next summer.

Matthew Maguire, a sophomore at Keene State, said he is very excited about the new skate park, “Its huge, my hometown park just recently shut down so a new skate park here would be awesome.”

Maguire said that with a new skate park, more Keene State students will have the opportunity to learn how to skate. “If they had that starting ground at the skate park where its brand new I think it would push them to start skating,” Maguire said.

Another sophomore at Keene State, Jacob Seymour, is also a Keene native and has been going to the skate park since he was younger. Seymour said that the new skate park could bring the community together.

“I think it would be great for the community to have a park that feels more inviting to kids and new community members. I also think Keene State College students would use it too,” he said.

The park is currently located on Gilbo Avenue and is open to the public 24 hours.

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