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In the TDS center on Friday, May 3, over 85 Keene State students from a variety of different programs presented posters on research projects they completed this semester.

Subjects being represented on the first floor included Biology, Nursing, Bio-Chemistry  and the SPDI program. Up on the second floor students were presenting posters from Business Management, Computer Science and Art classes. The projects being presented displayed what these students have learned in their respective courses throughout the semester and showcased their newfound knowledge. This event also allowed students to learn about subjects they would normally never learn about in their major and creates an opportunity for the students being showcased to practice presenting their work in front of others.

Dean Colistra presented an image processing research project and was asked what he thought of the event and everyone’s presentations, Colistra said, “It was great to see everybody come out and show us what they’ve been working so hard on for so long. I’m glad with the turnout and the event was organized very well.”

Caitlin Perry, who was presenting a biology project, had this to say about her project. “In Genetics, we had the chance to study a model organism and maintaining the organism in the lab. I chose the microscopic worm C. elegans, and my poster highlighted the importance of the worm in genetics, as well as a relevant case study,” Ferry said. “It was fun to be able to showcase something that I had worked so hard on, but it was also interesting to talk to others about the subjects of their posters as well. It is overall a great opportunity to learn from others and practice professional skills.”

Trisha Schuman was presenting a project on genomic bioinformatics and said, “This is real world work really, were hoping to get our data into the NCBI, which is the repository that contains the human genome and several other known genomes. Our goal is to put our data in there for other researchers and scientists to access, study, and build off of.”

Many students attending the event were walking around and learning from their fellow students and about new subjects. Others were practicing their public speaking skills by presenting their work to colleagues and peers.

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