We can’t catch a break

Students face strangers invading their homes

Luke Stergiou / photo editor

When students don’t feel comfortable in their own homes that’s when there should be action taken. There shouldn’t have to be multiple break ins and burglaries to have it be noticed. This is especially heinous since these students are very young, and most likely are not protected by security cameras or alarm systems – and at most they most likely have a bat for protection. Yes, students need to take precautions like keeping their keys on them when they leave so they can lock the door. They need to keep windows locked, and their curtains draw. But sometimes a locked door will not stop a person from intruding on a students privacy.

But unfortunately sometimes taking precautions to prevent this isn’t enough. People can lock their doors and windows and it won’t stop an introuder from doing damage. Experiencing a break in can cause people to not feel safe in their own homes, to the point where they don’t sleep in their bed unless they have a roommate with them for a couple of days. People can experience PTSD and sleep with pepper spray next to them because of the fear. And to be honest it happens at the worst times which can really take a toll on someone.

With students going home for example christmas and Thanksgiving vacation throughout the year, they are made vulnerable to break-ins. Sometimes, students have returned back to college and discover their house has been broken into. To try to get students prepared for this long lived occurrence they need to be told that this has happened before and most likely will happen again.

For people moving off-campus next semester, hearing about break-ins in Keene makes them nervous. However, taking the proper precautions can make a difference. Be sure to lock your doors and windows, and communicate with your landlord if you have any concerns.

Often students moving off-campus will not hear about break-in instances until they or their friends are no longer living in the dorms. Students should be made aware that break-ins do happen before they commit to living off-campus. Whether it is by the off-campus living organization or by their landlord, students have a right to know.

Years ago people were having their homes broken into on the exact same streets, and still a decade later it’s happening all over. You almost wonder if the authorities have given up on the issue. Especially when they barely follow up on break-ins and bother to ask if you would like to press charges. An intruder breaking should always be punished no matter if they’re under the influence because it’s invading someone privacy.

It’s very common in the Keene area. It’s too common. And something needs to be done about it before someone get hurt – but in reality before another person gets hurt.

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