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Spring break is a fantastic time of year that has students coming back tanner and even more broke than they were before. It is perhaps the most commonly recognized time during college, apart from finals week.  This time off allows students to take a break from the rigors of their academics and recharge, so they can come back strong for the remaining half of the semester.  Spring break is considered to be an exciting highlight of the college experience for some students.

During the break, almost all students leave campus, unless they’ve made special arrangements with residential life to stay. Many students use it as an opportunity to relax, recharge and reconnect with family back home. Some also call this a staycation. Going home for spring break can also be a great time to reconnect with old high school friends, revisit your favorite local restaurant, and even pay a visit to old high school teachers. Staying home for spring break can also be a perfect opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep, spend some quality time with their family, and play with their beloved pets. This is often just what a college student needs to go back to school and finish the semester strong.

Keene state also offers an Alternative Break session as an opportunity to help another community. Students who are looking to make a difference, while also enjoying a week off of school, are encouraged to apply to this trip. These excursions allow students to help out a community who could use an extra hand, while a student is also getting a change to travel, meet new people and feel a sense of satisfaction that comes with helping others.

However, as the northeast is continuing to see freezing temperatures and snowfall, it’s not surprising that many students want to leave New England  for something warmer. According to a survey from the Chicago Tribune, more than half of college students are planning to trips on a budget for spring break. Destinations vary, but include Las Vegas, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and, not surprisingly, Florida.

Undoubtedly, this is the most expensive option for the break. The survey found that price tended to be the biggest factor when choosing where to go, with 70 percent of students saying they planned on spending less than $1,000. In an attempt to cut down on costs, nearly half said they were planning to drive instead of fly, and 95 percent said they planned on sharing a hotel room with friends.

One of the most important things if students do choose to go away for spring break is to stay safe. Make sure to travel as a group, because it can be easy to lose track of someone. Try using a buddy system to make sure everyone is accounted for. Additionally, make copies of your ID, credit and debit cards, and passport – keep one locked in your hotel safe at all times. Pickpockets are unfortunately common at spring break destinations. Perhaps most important is to stay alert in crowded areas and unfamiliar locations. Generally, stick to well-lit, well-populated areas.

No matter what you choose to do for spring break, it’s important to make sure that it helps you relax and recharge. Going on a vacation can be super fun, but it is an investment. Until next year’s spring break, save up and count down the days.

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