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Students are one of the busiest types of people. They give their undivided attention while they do classwork, sit through lectures and finish assignments, but sometimes they forget about the in between moments that make life remarkable. Students all over are anxiety stricken, mentally exhausted and maybe even depressed, and that’s because they’re focused on the bigger picture. They need phenomenal grades, attendance and resumes, so they tend to forget about the little moments in their daily lives that reminds them why they’re at school, or what they’re interested in. writes, “We often make our happiness dependent on the outcome of certain events. In falsely assuming that the accomplishment of certain goals (wealth, fame, status, power, etc.) will add great amounts of happiness to our lives, we give away our control over our happiness.” Just because students are at school to pursue a degree in something they want to apply themselves to in the future doesn’t mean that they have to sacrifice their happiness now.

Although you don’t see these sparks everyday, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. The same article states, “In many cases, it can be really difficult to (re-)discover the true beauty of the little things in our lives. We are so heavily occupied with the pursuit of ever more that we are no longer content with what we already have.” Taking the time to notice these things is just one part of a process – A process of changing how you live. You owe it to yourself.

Dr. Linda Sapadin writes on her blog, “When you believe that ‘big’ is better than ‘small,’ that ‘stretching to the limit’ is better than ‘taking it easy,’ that “be the best you can be’ trumps ‘appreciating who you are,’ you’re simply not being fair to yourself.” She said with people being so invested in doing the best and the most successful they can, they start to overlook their individual quirky things that they already like about themselves.

Enjoying the little things means changing your perspective on life. If you find a heads up penny on the ground instead of thinking, “That one cent isn’t going to pay off my loans” think, “I might just be a little extra lucky today.” Little things like having your teacher praise you for your work, having your grandmother call you just because she misses you or having a snow day. It could be your dog wagging his tail everytime you walk into the house, or making someone you love laugh so hard they cry. Slow down your hectic schedule and take time to notice. Appreciate yourself and all the small moments that happen around you.

“Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.”

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