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This lacrosse season, not one, but two Molloys will be taking the field.

Senior and captain Charles Molloy has been playing on the lacrosse team since he was a freshman.

His brother, Shane Molloy, is a transfer student in his first semester here and is joining his brother on the lacrosse team.

“[I’m] definitely excited to play with him again, I haven’t done it since high school … it will be nice to get back on the field with him,” said Shane.

Shane said there is a “lot of unspoken stuff that we don’t have to communicate on the field, which makes us a step quicker.”

This is Shane’s first season on the lacrosse team, and he said that having Charlie as a model is nice.

“It’s always nice to make a great play and have your brother right there to cheer you on,” noted Shane. “It’s reassuring to have him behind me.”

Shane said he described Charlie as being influential on both the campus and the field, “He has a high IQ for the game. He can see things happening before other people can.”

Charlie said it is a lot of fun to be on the same team as his brother.

“Now that we’re older and better players, obviously it’s a lot more fun to watch each other play as we’ve grown and developed,” said Charlie.

Shane transferred from Towson University, where he previously played on their lacrosse team.

“[Shane] coming from a DI (Division I) program, he’s got a pretty good knowledge of the game too. We try to give each other tips on the field,” Charlie said.

“He’s so athletic, and he is intelligent on the field. We do have a very young team, so it’s nice to get another guy who knows what he’s doing out there and can help guide some of the younger guys,” noted Charlie.

Head Keene State Lacrosse Coach Mark Theriault said that is fun to coach the brothers.

“[Charlie] showed [Shane] all the ropes and our expectations of the team and how we run things a certain way,” said Theriault.

Theriault noted that the boys challenge each other, “There’s encouragement, I think they know how to push each other in ways that we don’t know.”

“They have that behind-the-scenes knowledge of what’s going on from the other sibling,” Theriault said.

Theriault also said he can see some sibling rivalry going on in practice.

“When they match up against each other, there’s a little bit of pride going on and little bit of extra effort because neither one of them wants to get beat by the other person,” Theriault said.

Theriault also recalled a story where Shane went down on the field and, “Charlie thought he was hurt, and immediately sprinted over to make sure he was okay. There’s a competition, but there’s the ‘He’s my brother’ kind of thing, which is nice,” Theriault said.

“In the game, we’re always rooting for each other, but during practice we will go against each other in one-on-ones,” said Shane.

“The sky’s the limit with him really. I think he can go as high as he chooses he wants to go. If he wants to work hard, I think he can be one of the best players to play here,” said Charlie.

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