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Just because the men’s basketball team season is over, does not mean all-time leading scorer Ty Nichols is done making history. Nichols was named First Team All American for

He was named preseason All American, so it comes no surprise he’s accomplished this.

During his time here being an Owl, he has had many accomplishments. On top of being the new all-time leading scorer after Al Hicks held it for 43 years, he broke the single season scoring record, was awarded LEC Conference Player of the Year, LEC Tournament Most Outstanding Player, NABC All-District team and second team NABC All-American selection.

Nichols is the fourth player to be named All American on behalf of Keene State and third to be named by the NABC. But he’s the second player for Keene State to be named first team All-American. He joined Chris Coastes, a player back from 2000.

Many people say he’s the best player in Keene State history. Assistant Athletic Director of Sports Information, Compliance and Operations Abe Osheyack agrees. “Ty is the greatest Keene State has ever seen statistically, three double NCAA tournaments, Sweet 16, Elite 8, LEC Player of the Year and LEC tournament… It will be a long time before we ever see a player like him again,” Osheyack said.

Osheyack wasn’t surprised one bit when Nichols received this award. “He’s one of the best players in the country and I think in anybody’s book he should be a first team All-American,” he said.

Nichols put on his red Owl uniform one last time this past Saturday. He was chosen to play for the 2019 Reese’s Division III College All-Star game. He led the NABC East All-Stars team with 18 points, having the most points. He also had nine rebounds, four assists and one steal. reported Nichols helped the team come back from a 21-point deficit late in the first half but it wasn’t enough to beat the West. Nichols’ team came close with a score of 104-101.

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