Celebrating women

Gender does not define us anymore

Kiana Wright / Opinions Editor

Each March, the United States recognizes Women’s History Month. The month is set aside to pay tribute to women who have impacted history in a positive way. Additionally, March 8 marks International Women’s Day. In today’s society, many women have a fear of not getting the respect they deserve. They fear if they come across as emotional once, people will never take them seriously again.

Woman should not be expected to have the highest position at a company to feel worth, but they should have the opportunity to have that position if they desire. Many films and stories portray women and girls in a helpless light, as a maiden in distress, but as of today, that’s all wrong. Women are mothers, doctors, CEOs, politicians, teachers, survivors, lovers and much more. We thank these strong people who brought us all into this world, for everything they have done in this society, especially when everyone overlooked them. We give them respect and dignity for what they do and stand for because they didn’t always have it. They made it possible for the women of today, so now modern women are doing their best to carry on and finish what their ancestors started.

Although women have more power than ever, what they choose to do with it is what makes the difference. Women should strive for equal rights and opportunities. Women do not want men to bow down at their feet, but they do want to feel as valued in society. Women all over the world have their daily struggles and everyone needs to grasp that. People of all different shapes, colors, religions, origins and languages are united together to stand for each other.

With all of this being said, women should not be underestimated. Often times people think that women aren’t strong enough and underestimate their strength, both mentally and physically. Women bring life into this world, therefore making them some of the strongest people out there.

For decades, women have fought for the same rights as men, and many of those battles are still going on. While today’s women may not have fought the same fights as the suffragettes, it is because of them that women are getting closer and closer to equality. This is why we take a month the appreciate those who have bettered the lives of women across the world today.

As important as it is to recognize Women’s History Month and International Women Appreciation Day, we should not let it become a topic of division amongst people. We recognize and reflect on all the women who have made an impact on history during this month. This month is not about how women are superior than men; but rather how women have done some incredible things throughout history and that should not go unnoticed.


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