Saying goodbye to our seniors

Reflecting on the journey from freshman to senior

A lot can happen in four years, but sometimes people take that time for granted. Some people sit there while their life passes by. It makes us, The Equinox, happy to be able to say we have not seen this at Keene State College. So many students have a drive to make something of themselves and do better for others. It’s not something found easily, but it is common in the graduating class. 

Colton Mccracken / Senior photographer

Colton Mccracken / Senior photographer

At this point, seniors know who they are and what they want. Comparing their senior self to their freshman self; seeing their journey into who they have become as a person and as a student. The senior class is grown up and ready for the real world, but it didn’t start that way four years ago.

Every class goes through the same process; making friends, going to classes, getting an internship and finally graduating. Everyone remembers their first day of their first year. Students arrived at school in confusion, not knowing anyone or what their classes demanded of them. Some of us were a nervous wreck while trying to make friends. We were scared we’d walk into the wrong classroom on the first week of school or drop a plate in the Zorn Dining Commons, making everyone else clap. Maybe sophomore year, you got to live in Butler, a Pondside or the Owls nests with some of your best friends, learning to share a space with others. Maybe you got into a club the first couple years here at KSC and it helped build character and all the virtues needed for a successful life. Whatever your experience was, it was memorable.

We’ve had countless opportunities that we could’ve only dreamed of four years ago. Our education gave us real skills and experience. Thanks to the Integrative Thinking and Writing class from freshman year we’ve learned that procrastination isn’t an option anymore. From going to all the KSC Owls games we know that spirit is important. These past four years we have learned the importance of giving support to our peers and friends through events like walk a mile in her shoes, fire up the night, and relay for life. We have learned to share; share our opinions and ideas, using our education to better the Keene community in every possible way we can. 

We will never forget those crazy nights that we don’t dare speak about. We finished homework early so we could hit Lab n’ Lager and Scores because everyone was there. As sad as it is to say goodbye, these senior experiences are unforgettable. The senior events like Pub Crawl, Red and White Night, and the senior trip to Mohegan Sun made students’ last year here one to remember.

The friendships and relationships that are made in college are incredibly real. There is no need to worry about some of our good friends leaving and us or never seeing them again because they aren’t going anywhere. Even though we might not be able to walk out of our room and say “Hey!” to our roommate or best friends, those who grew close to us will keep in touch. We have gotten through 32 finals, multiple all-nighters, late night Dominos cravings, and crappy roommates. It is a bittersweet ending. 

We can thank our professors that pushed us, friends that were there for us, and classes that challenged us, because that’s what got us to this point.                                                                      

Throughout their college career students never knew what would come next. Whether it was a random Saturday night, a presentation, or even back to the first day of freshman year. We didn’t know what to expect, but it turns out we wouldn’t want to have it any other way. So, how could we know exactly what we’re doing after graduation — and why should we? Yeah sure it would be nice to know what is going to happen, but as KSC students we’re prepared to face anything that gets thrown at us.

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